Take a Look at Shakira's Investments Apart From Music Contributing to Her $300 Million Fortune

Take a Look at Shakira's Investments Apart From Music Contributing to Her $300 Million Fortune
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Loca singer Shakira has a total fortune of approximately $300 million. She profited not only from a glamorous musical career but other smart financial investments throughout her career, reported Marca.

The infamous Colombian singer shot to fame in her singing career producing hit songs that have topped charts on multiple occasions. Songs such as Hips Don't Lie, Try Everything, La La La and more, have taken the world by storm as they showcase her intricate yet powerful vocal range, energetic performances and dance skills, especially 'belly dancing' for which she is most known. 



The sensational singer has certainly left and is continuing to leave echoes of Spanish music and culture through everything she's accomplished over the last 30 years. Not only has she performed across platforms but has also appeared as a judge alongside other musical artists such as Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Usher in The Voice. She earned a whopping $12 million per season that she featured in.

Besides this impressive singing career, Shakira has made smart financial decisions and invested in promoting and releasing her line of perfumes and lingerie, and has aided in funding Pies Descalzos, a non-profit organization specifically dedicated to underprivileged children.



Shakira not only inspired and paved the way forward for Spanish music, but she also birthed hope into the lives of young children by providing them with facilities they were never fortunate to experience. Although education is the organization's ethos, nutrition, clothing and more follow suit to offer complete support to children who lie at utmost risk of exclusion in Colombia, as mentioned by The Barca Foundation

Her perfume brand boasts unique scents inspired directly by Shakira and sold on the website Shakira Perfumes. The same is also available to purchase on other product-sourcing websites at limited locations globally.



The fragrances are a true symphony of luxury sublime aromatics that simply elevate the experience of wearing a perfume. These perfumes were designed to pay homage to the different songs and personalities of the Waka Waka singer, enabling anyone to sport the enchanting scent and inkling of the singer's many personalities.

The design of these bottles is functional and chic keeping in mind a luxe and glamorous finish while affordability is carefully garnered during production. Her most recently launched perfume bottle outlines Shakira's body that paid homage to the singer's stunning and toned dance figure, hence titled 'Dance', mirroring her delicate and rhythmic moves all frozen in a glass bottle frame with an exquisite scent.



Other investments include a partnership with Toy producing Titans Fisher Price, a lingerie collection with Parade that upcycles old clothes in exchange for newer ones. She's also got her hands in the nutrition industry by promoting a series of healthy snacks. All of these investments have helped her amass a massive fortune.

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