When ‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards Was Released a Month Early From Prison, Here's What He Did After

When ‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards Was Released a Month Early From Prison, Here's What He Did After
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Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards was unexpectedly released early from prison, almost one month ahead of schedule, as he's set to spend the holidays with Amanda Conner, his girlfriend from rehab. The reality star was supposed to be released in January, but he was released quite early, even though a month earlier he got quite the scolding from the Judge overseeing his case, per The Sun



The Ashley Reality Roundup claimed that Judge Gary Starnes—who was previously known for being impatient with the Teen Mom star—made the surprising decision to expedite his release. Judge Starnes gave Edwards a Christmas miracle when he decided to order his release from jail almost a month early. Judge Starnes ordered Ryan's release "as soon as possible" early on December 23, according to court papers the outlet was able to obtain.

The former 16 & Pregnant star, who was arrested on his court hearing on December 8, was initially mandated to stay incarcerated through the holidays until his subsequent court appearance on January 17, 2024, which has now been moved to January 2. 



Given his earlier remarks indicating that he was losing patience with Ryan's legal complications, the judge's shift in position is noteworthy. Starnes chastised Edwards, according to InTouch Weekly, for being granted "chance after chance after chance." It was discovered during the hearing on December 8 that while the MTV actor had cleared a drug test, he had broken other probationary requirements.

Judge Starnes stated that Ryan's actions, including exceeding the speed limit by 85 mph without expressing any kind of regret, made him hesitant to approve the plea agreement. “I don’t want to approve this. You have to give the court a comprehensive follow-up plan,” the judge said. “You haven’t been good in your personal life. You’re looking at three years in custody.”



When Ryan missed his November 17 Vivitrol appointment and got into a bar fight with girlfriend Amanda Conner a week later, he broke the terms of his plea agreement. Amanda and Ryan have been open about their love on social media since they first met in rehab. However, some close to the pair have expressed concerns about the connection. An insider told The U.S. Sun, "Choosing to use your time on and the type of people you’re surrounding yourself with is not OK."

By characterizing Amanda as "dangerous," the insider contributed to the mounting concerns regarding the pair's compatibility. Having been in and out of the justice system since she was young, Amanda has a well-known reputation in Chattanooga, an additional insider exclusively told The U.S. Sun. "Amanda is trouble. She has been in and out of the system since she was old enough to catch a charge. She is not a good influence on Ryan."



Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 28, 2023. It has since been updated.

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