Travis Kelce

Here's Why Fans Are Calling For Travis Kelce to Retire Despite His Recent Success in the NFL

Kelce came under fire for dropping a ball in the chilly -4 degree weather inside Arrowhead Stadium during the Dolphins wild-card playoff game.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Aghast With Bodybuilders Risking Their Lives for Gains: "People Are Dying"

The legendary bodybuilder has pointed out that performance-enhancing drugs taken by younger bodybuilders have led to multiple deaths in recent times.

Travis Kelce Recalls Being 'Damn Near Broke' During His First NFL Season: “I Was Avoiding the Rent Lady”

Tavis Kelce shared, "Rookies didn't realize that once the season was over, you weren't getting paid."

Tiger Woods

When Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake Teamed Up to Develop a 600-Acre Town in Florida

The veteran golfer and the pop music icon team up to develop a 600-acre town in Florida and are planning to construct a luxury club.

Taylor Swift

Travis and Jason Kelce Spend Quality Time Together at the Phillies' NLCS Game

Previously, Travis was spotted holding hands with his rumored girlfriend, Taylor Swift. But, this time around, he wasn't accompanied by her.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Addresses His Weight Loss and Visible Body Transformation Since Retiring From Football

"At the end of the day, physical and mental health should sit at the top of the pyramid," Brady said.

Tom Brady

Here’s What Pro Footballer Tom Brady Said About Being ‘Benched’ During His Early Days

Talking about the experience Tom Brady said, “I tell myself every day, I said, ‘Where would you rather be?’”

Tom Brady

When Tom Brady Took an 11-day Training Camp Break From Tampa Bay Buccaneers

According to Sports Net, Tom Brady returned to training camp five days after concluding his scheduled 11-day break.

Tom Brady

Here's a Sneak Peek Into Tom Brady's Affluent Business Empire and All That the Ex-NFL Star Owns

The 45-year-old has minted money from industries like health and wellness, digital collectibles and media production.

Tom Brady

When Tom Brady Felt Let Down by Robert Kraft for Accepting the $1 Million Dollar 'Deflategate' Fine

Brady dialed NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith and exclaimed, "What the f**k? Why am I not getting the support I deserve on this thing?"?

When John Cena Regretted His Criticism of 'The Rock' Joining Hollywood: "That Was Just Ignorant"

John Cena called himself stupid and ignorant for insulting Dwyane Johnson on joining Hollywood.

Michael Jordan Takes His Son Marcus Jordan to The Caribbean Islands For Exotic Vacation

Marcus shared a series of Instagram pictures that unveiled an adventurous side of the trip that included jet skiing and a yacht party.

Meet Derrick White, The Celtics’ NBA Playoffs Hero Who Defeated Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics took over the game on Saturday night and miraculously won Game 6 with a 0.1 seconds tip-in from Derrick White.

Michael Jordan Makes a Whopping $3.5 Million Splash on Exclusive Limited Edition Sports Car

Jordan is now the owner of one of only 30 Venom F5 Roadsters, which makes this sports car a rare edition coupe model.

Joe Burrow to Become the Highest-Paid Quarterback in NFL History

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback's upcoming agreement may exceed the benchmark of $52 million set by Lamar Jackson.

Brock Lesnar and Former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero Almost Came to Blows

A recent recollection by Eddie's nephew, Chavo Guerrero, sheds light on a confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero.

Tiger Woods

Inside Tiger Woods and Erica Herman’s Messy Split including the $30 Million Lawsuit

A judge rejected Herman's appeal to nullify the ex-couple's NDA and advised the matter should be taken to arbitration.

Victoria Beckham's Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Father Includes Unrecognizable Throwback Pics

The string of snaps go all the way back to her childhood in Essex and included an adorable shot of her dancing with her dad.

NFL Player Braxton Berrios Parties With Girlfriend Alix Earle's Friends in Miami

The newly single Braxton is doing nothing to stop his new romance rumors with TikTok star Alix Earle

Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant Faces Lengthy Suspension After Video of Him Flashing a Gun Surfaces

The alleged video showcased Morant in a car with friends and for a brief second the camera caught what appears to be a gun.