When 'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Was Slammed For Allegedly Spending $30,000 At Club 33

When 'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Was Slammed For Allegedly Spending $30,000 At Club 33
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'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown is having the time of her life with her fiancé David Woolley. The reality TV personality was recently seen enjoying her trip to Disneyland with her future husband and daughters Ysabel and Truely Brown. The series of photos that were posted on her handle on Wednesday was captioned, "Had a BLAST in California Adventure and Disneyland! Club 33 was awesome! Thanks @sheridirden for the reservation!" Christine took to her Instagram to post pictures of them all together in Disneyland as Christine and David got to enjoy themselves at Club 33. However, fans couldn't help but wonder where the couple got so much money from as the membership is expensive.



Disneyland Resort Club 33 members pay $25,000 and then $10,000 every year after the membership begins. The members of Walt Disney pay $33,000 as a joining fee followed by an annual fee of $15,000. As per The Family Vacation Guide, a standard meal at Club 33 can cost you a whopping $420 for dinner and $295 for lunch per person.

The internet simply couldn't take Christine Brown frivolously spending money. In a Reddit thread asking "Would you pay 30k for a membership," a user slammed the couple and wrote, "I know I'll be dragged for this but it seems frivolous to me when I don't think either of them is rich enough. Seems like a lot when they're not like a multimillionaire. There's a difference between having money to spend and having money to squander. Yes, they are doing well right now but TLC won't be around forever."

Instagram | Christine Brown
Image Source: Instagram | @christine_brownsw


One commenter wrote, "Dropping 30k for some membership while fishing for free wedding vendors. Go figure," while another said that it's not TLC where she gets the money from; it comes from scamming through MLM (multi-level marketing). Another user chimed in with, "Even if they wanted to pay, the waitlist is about 5 years. So unless David decided to join years before he met Christine, there's no way they'd be members at this point."

Reddit | u/Puchilu
Image Source: Reddit | u/Puchilu


However, many people also added that it is possible to get a reservation through somebody else who is a member. One Redditor wrote, "I have family members who went because a family friend gave them the reservation for their honeymoon." Another person said something similar, "I've been to country clubs for dinner plenty of times on a member's reservation. Not actually a big deal at all." 

While most slammed the couple, many noticed that they thanked somebody for the reservation and believed that people were simply nitpicking at them. It seems like the family might have been invited to Club 33 by a friend. Speculation hints at them not spending the money after all.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 11, 2023. It has since been updated.

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