When Prince Harry Got a Letter From a Former Friend Advising Him, "Get Over Yourself"

When Prince Harry Got a Letter From a Former Friend Advising Him, "Get Over Yourself"
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In his debut memoir, Spare, Prince Harry has opened up about several incidents while also dishing out on the Royal Family, laying bare some of the most painful chapters of his life. Within the confines of his memoir, Harry candidly explored the breakdown in his bond with his brother, Prince William, and asserted that his father, King Charles, made cruel jokes.

Nevertheless, a former ally of Harry's has penned a strong-worded letter asking him to get over himself, as disclosed by Mirror. He also advised the royal not to portray himself as the one wronged in the unfolding narrative, stating that Harry was 'the furthest thing from a victim.'

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Bryan Bedder
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Bryan Bedder


Edward Charles Featherstone, an alias of a friend of Harry from their polo days, shared his thoughts in his candid letter. He mentioned, when talking about the Duke of Sussex, that Harry seemed completely different from the person he once knew. Featherstone expressed his disappointment concerning Harry's memoir, feeling it painted him solely as the victim.

Notably, he mentioned to The Mirror that he sent a letter to Harry, hoping to encourage him to consider a different perspective. Featherstone conveyed a straightforward message, saying, "It really just says get over yourself, you're not a victim."



The friend further added, "You were part of a noble cause as the torch bearer of the Invictus and what you're doing now and what you're doing to your family is, I think, inappropriate." Featherstone, the author of the upcoming book The Rude Beginning, has not yet released the letter he wrote. However, he expressed the aspiration to eventually share it with the public: "I've written a letter to him which at some stage I will publish. "Whether I do it lowkey on the H2Z website or the Rude Chronicles website, or whether I do it slightly more upbeat and take a page in the LA Times remains to be seen."



"But at some point, I will probably publish that letter," Harry's friend further clarified. Initially intended as a component of his upcoming book, Featherstone opted to hold off on unveiling the letter, deeming it more suitable for a later occasion.



Featherstone's memoir series kicks off with The Rude Chronicles, chronicling his odyssey from a six-year-old sent to boarding school to polo-playing and later becoming a combat helicopter pilot in the Air Force.

Meanwhile, Harry's memoir Spare provides an unreserved narrative of life within palace confines, delving into his childhood in the public gaze and his encounters with drugs in later years. Furthermore, Harry delved into the repercussions following the demise of his mother, Princess Diana, and shed light on his dynamic with his stepmother, Queen Camilla. 



In a separate development reported by The Independent, there are calls for Harry to disassociate himself from a charity embroiled in allegations of rape and torture perpetrated by its staff against local individuals in the Republic of the Congo.

He is presently serving as a board member (and former president) of the non-profit organization, but the charity asserted that the investigation into the allegations takes priority and urged anyone with information about abuse to step forward.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 8, 2024. It has since been updated.

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