What Nicole Kidman Thought About Jimmy Fallon When She Had a 'Crush' on Him: 'So Embarrassing'

What Nicole Kidman Thought About Jimmy Fallon When She Had a 'Crush' on Him: 'So Embarrassing'
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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Aug 31, 2023. It has since been updated.

Jimmy Fallon got the opportunity to interview a prominent Hollywood starlet back in 2015, but the interview was entertaining for a totally different reason. On The Tonight Show, Nicole Kidman's admission that she previously liked him completely threw fans off!



The Days of Thunder actress was a guest on the show in 2015, and Fallon asked her if she recalled that it wasn't their first encounter. Kidman quickly shared her account of the events that surrounded their first meeting. The revelations that followed stunned Fallon more than anybody else, not to mention the audience as a whole, per Fandom Wire. Kidman had a crush on Jimmy Fallon and even went on a 'date' with him back in the early 2000s. However, the latter apparently treated the date like a regular hangout and seemed disinterested.



The Big Little Lies star had always wanted to meet Fallon, and it was a mutual acquaintance who gave Fallon the news that Kidman wanted to hang out with him. The story got even weirder when Kidman revealed that she used to like Fallon: “I just remember I liked you.” Fallon went red with embarrassment and kept screaming, “Wait what?! What?! What are you talking about?!”



The actress even entertained the possibility that the comedian may be gay at one time because he didn't show any interest in her. “So I go over though, and you were there in a baseball cap and like…nothing! You put a video game on or something, and I’m like…’This is so bad!’. You did not talk at all. And after about an hour and a half, I thought, ‘He has no interest. This is so embarrassing. And then I was like… ‘Maybe he’s gay.’”

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney


After the reveal of the tale and the fan hysteria, Fallon was ashamed. Moreover, as it turned out, he regrettably did not just lose out on Kidman; he also had the opportunity to date Kate Hudson from the film Almost Famous, but he missed it. In an interview in 2020, per Elle, it was revealed that Hudson had waited for Fallon to make a move at her but had given up after the comic failed to do so. “Jimmy, if you would have actually made a move, I would have totally gone there,” Hudson told him.



"No, you wouldn’t have!" Fallon replied. "Yes, of course [I would have]!" Hudson told him. "I remember thinking to myself, like, 'Why has Jimmy never made like, a move?' And then I just kind of realized, 'Oh, he’s not into me like that.' I was just like 'Okay, well, whatever.' And so, then I met Chris [Robinson].”

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Both Hudson and Kidman went on to have other successful relationships. The Almost Famous actress is currently engaged to Danny Fujikawa, with whom she shares a daughter. Kidman is married to Keith Urban, whom she has been married to for over two decades, and shares two daughters.

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