Here’s Looking at the Billionaires Supporting the Anti-Trump Republican Camp

Here’s Looking at the Billionaires Supporting the Anti-Trump Republican Camp
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Former President Donald Trump is set to run for the upcoming presidential polls. With the high hopes of attaining victory in the electoral race, Trump is bracing up with rigorous campaigning. However, the anti-Trump Republican camp is gearing up with its strategies to combat the Trump camp. By the end of January, Trump's campaign had $30 million available, while Biden's campaign boasted $56 million. Facing mounting legal fees and judgments, Trump couldn't utilize his campaign funds for these expenses. Instead, he tapped into his PAC funds to cover the costs. Here's looking at the billionaires who are supporting the anti-Trump Republican camp. 

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | 	Joe Raedle
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Joe Raedle

Republican Voters Against Trump, backed by the Republican Accountability PAC, seeks to expand its advertising campaign with a fundraising goal of $30 million according to Forbes. With $20 million already raised, the initiative plans to showcase videos of former Trump supporters detailing why they've chosen not to support him in the upcoming election, according to founder Sarah Longwell in an interview with the New York Times. As Trump advances toward the GOP nomination, conservative billionaires such as Liz and Dick Uihlein, founders of a shipping and packing company, along with aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow, have thrown their support behind him.

 Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Noam Galai
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Noam Galai

These individuals, who were previous donors to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' unsuccessful presidential bid, are among the monied Republicans rallying behind Trump. With no significant contenders remaining in the race after his strong performance in early primary contests, Trump has garnered financial commitments for his 2024 candidacy from other prominent figures like Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who contributed to his 2020 reelection campaign.


Reid Hoffman, known for co-founding LinkedIn and his active involvement as a Democratic donor, stands out as one of the primary supporters of the Republican Accountability PAC. Federal Election Commission filings reveal that he donated $2 million in both January and June of the previous year. His total contribution of $4 million constitutes half of the group's fundraising efforts for that year. 


Seth Klarman, the head of the Boston-based Baupost hedge fund and a prominent critic of Trump, made a $1 million donation to the group in May of last year. Klarman has contributed to both parties and is known for bipartisan support of US polls. 


The Pritzker family, known for being the billionaire family behind Hyatt hotels, contributed a combined total of $1 million to the group. This sum was divided into two $500,000 donations made in June and November of last year. Established during the 2020 campaign, Republican Voters Against Trump is intensifying its opposition to Trump as he solidifies his position as the de facto Republican nominee. Last year, Texas oil billionaire Tim Dunn contributed $5 million to the Make America Great Again Inc. super PAC in support of Trump's campaign. 

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