Harry Styles Spots His Doppelganger During London Concert, Fans Thrilled at Similarities

Harry Styles Spots His Doppelganger During London Concert, Fans Thrilled at Similarities
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Winter

Harry Styles came across his lookalike earlier last week, and the striking resemblance between him and his doppelganger captured quite a reaction from fans and the singer himself. The doppelganger known as Nancy Mitchel had often received remarks regarding her physical features resembling the Watermelon Sugar singer, as mentioned by Deadline.



Mitchel decided to finally put people's theory to the test and decided to surprise the star. Mitchel is reportedly an actress from West Sussex. She attended the Sign Of The Times hitmaker's concert in London earlier on Saturday. In the video obtained by Deadline News, Mitchel was found to be wearing a black two-piece ensemble - a basic black t-shirt and black jeans. She also held a signboard that read "People think I look LIKE YOU!" 

The doppelganger even shared the experience of the magical encounter at Styles' concert on her Instagram. In the carousel post, she featured a picture of herself clutching the sign looking excited and happy. The next slide showcased a video featuring the Grammy-winning singer himself on stage. Since it was now her moment to shine, she took it. In the video recorded by Mitchel, Style reportedly acknowledged her in the kindest manner. 

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Styles sported a dazzling red ensemble that shone as brightly as his talent. Upon noticing the sign, he took a moment to read it. According to Mitchel's caption in her post, the Dunkirk actor briefly paused, read the sign, shot her a thumbs up, and gave her a much-awaited nod of acknowledgment and affirmation. "Harry saw the sign and has in fact given me the thumbs up and nodded," read Mitchel's caption on her post. This filled the budding actress with much joy and excitement. Even the screaming fans beside her went gaga at Styles' reaction, as observed in the video.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer


Although it was a rather subtle gesture from the One Direction alum, Mitchel sincerely appreciated his kindness at the time. She also expressed her gratitude for the people with her at the concert. Even as she was surrounded by strangers, she felt rather relieved and supported by how everyone encouraged her throughout.

"The kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze me," read Mitchel's caption. Her followers were equally thrilled upon this fateful encounter and didn't fail to express their happiness on the occasion. "So happy for you," said one person. "So pleased he saw you," said another. "Amazing, I love that for you!" commented one. 

Image Credit: Instagram | @nancymitchel
Image Source: Instagram | @nancymitchel


The other slides in her carousel featured pictures of Mitchel alongside other Styles fans at the concert who were all smiles. Another video that featured Styles walking on stage after the performance was also included in the carousel. He was observed to be expressing his gratitude to all those who attended his show. According to the audience's reaction, he yet again knocked the performance out of the park with his killer vocals and charisma on stage.

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