Fans Believe Hailey Bieber is ‘Deliberately Feeding Into the Pregnancy Rumors’ With Baggy Clothes

Fans Believe Hailey Bieber is ‘Deliberately Feeding Into the Pregnancy Rumors’ With Baggy Clothes
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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber often face intense public scrutiny, especially over their relationship. Lately, fans have speculated that Hailey might be pregnant. The rumor gained traction after she was spotted wearing loose-fitting clothes during an outing without Justin.

According to The US Sun, despite their marital woes, the couple may be expecting their first child. Additionally, Hailey shared a photo on her Instagram Story donning a baggy leather jacket, which fueled speculations further.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Taylor Hill
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Taylor Hill


In the photo, Hailey's midsection was entirely hidden by the oversized coat. She complemented the coat with short blue athletic shorts, stylish sunglasses, chunky gold earrings, and her brunette hair styled in a sleek bun. As fans shared images of her outfit on a popular online platform, many questioned whether Hailey was purposefully perpetuating the pregnancy rumors. One user wrote, "If she's actually not pregnant then her wearing those baggy jackets is her deliberately feeding into the rumors," while another fan echoed, "She’s definitely feeding into the rumors."



"That's what she does. She’s been doing this every since the start of their marriage," a third user commented. However, others were not sure if the outfit was intended to hide a baby bump. "These oversized leather jackets are very on trend right now & she's been wearing them for a while. I really don't believe she is pregnant. She would've announced it by now if she had a bump & milking it six ways to Sunday," a person said. Another added, "I don’t think she’s pregnant, and I feel like I’ve seen her in an outfit like this before."



According to reports from HOLA, Justin and Hailey's idyllic love story, sealed with their wedding in 2018, has been a captivating saga across social media and tabloids. Through highs and lows, victories and challenges, they have stood by each other boldly.

Despite rumors suggesting turmoil in their relationship, insiders swiftly debunked such claims, stating that their bond remains strong. Sources close to the couple reassured fans that divorce is not even a consideration, quelling all speculation regarding their relationship status.


In another recent incident, Hailey posted a selfie from her garden, where she was seen sipping a beverage. In the selfie, she wore a white tank top and a baseball cap, strategically hiding her stomach.

One user wrote, "They're 100% pregnant and it's been obvious to anyone who isn't being delusional about it in my opinion." Speculation has been ongoing for months as Hailey openly expressed her eagerness to start a family. Another photo that garnered a lot of scrutiny, was an Instagram Story snap featuring Justin shirtless, affectionately cuddling Hailey's little white dog in bed. This set fans into a frenzy as they hoped the couple mended their strained relationship.

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