Bianca Censori's Relative Share Achitect's 'Intimidating' Marital Dynamic with Rapper Kanye West

Bianca Censori's Relative Share Achitect's 'Intimidating' Marital Dynamic with Rapper Kanye West
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A relative of Bianca Censori shed light on the Yeezy architect's relationship dynamic with Kanye West. Their marriage was as unexpected for fans as it was for the Australian's friends and family.

The couple subsequently raised many eyebrows with their bizarre public appearances and head-scratching fashion statements, leading to speculations that West has been "intimidating" his wife. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by MEGA
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by MEGA


On Nova 100's Ben, Liam & Belle Breakfast show, a woman named Sophie claimed her cousin's wife is Bianca's aunt. So, the show's host Liam Stapleton quizzed the family member to enlighten fans and well-wishers (who fear Censori's mental state) about the reality of their marriage, per The Sun. 

Stapleton asked, "They're walking out with wild, wild stuff. Do you know what [the family] makes of all this? Are they sort of like, well," admitting, "this is a bit weird?" However, to everyone's surprise, Sophie spoke nothing but positive things about Censori and West's personal equation



Despite everyone's concern, she reassured, "No, you'd have to ask my cousin's wife about that but all I know is that they're in love, and they're happy." With her brief response, she quashed all rumors of Ye "manipulating" and "controlling" Censori into dressing and behaving the way he wanted her to. 

But not all members of the Censori family echo with Sophie. Her parents, for instance, thought West "used" their daughter as a rebound after his very messy and public divorce from Kim Kardashian. The insiders reported Alexandra and Leo Censori have been extremely worried about their daughter's union with the disgraced rapper, per OK! Magazine. 

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The source claimed, "Bianca's mother and father find Kanye to be slightly disturbing. Her parents found it suspect that he married Bianca one month after his divorce from Kim [Kardashian] was finalized. They really didn't want Bianca to be his rebound from such a high-profile marriage." 

After getting married to the Donda rapper, Censori deserted her family for quite some time which further worsened the situation between Ye and his in-laws back in Australia. Their concerns for the architect's safety heightened after they saw their daughter globe-trotting with her husband whose unfiltered anti-semitic remarks offended a whole community. 

"Of course, Bianca's parents worry about her jetting all over the world with him, especially when he has gained so many enemies due to his actions," added the source. The parents foresaw a possible danger for their child amid their son-in-law's outlandish behavior in public and now it has been reported that Leo (Bianca's father) summoned the couple for a serious sit-down in Australia. 



Censori's mother Alexandra visited the 29-year-old recently and voiced some concerns to her husband leading to the invitation. The insider exclusively told Daily Mail, "Kanye has been invited to go to Australia and Bianca is hesitant to allow this to happen because she knows how her father will react." 

"Her dad still plans to have a sit down with Kanye, and Leo will not be intimidated by Kanye's power or control. No one is expecting this to be all rainbows and family portraits," claimed the source. 

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