Bianca Censori Looks 'Overly Uncomfortable' in Easter Outing with Kanye West and His Kids: Expert

Bianca Censori Looks 'Overly Uncomfortable' in Easter Outing with Kanye West and His Kids: Expert
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All didn't seem well with Bianca Censori's expressions during the Easter weekend she spent with her husband Kanye West and his four kids: 10-year-old North, 8-year-old Saint, 6-year-old Chicago, and 4-year-old Psalm. Apparently, the couple treated their little ones to a meal at Nobu in Malibu, where the architect seemed disconnected from the rest. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by MEGA
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by MEGA

In a rarity, the 29-year-old was covered up from head to toe in a skintight greyish-silver jumpsuit and wore silver strappy heels. She tied her hair in a tight, sleek bun with little to no makeup look. She crossed her arms in front and held her phone in one hand while walking ahead of her husband. Meanwhile, Ye was in his signature all-black look. 


According to the body language expert Judi James, the Australian wasn't 'overly comfortable' during her outing. She told The Mirror, "There's clearly no Easter respite for Bianca in terms of just relaxing in a pair of cargo jeans and enjoying her time with her blended family like Kanye is in his super-comfy baggy wear." 


She further highlighted, "Her silver Star Trek-themed onesie here might be more demure in terms of denier than her usual sheer choices but it looks like the ultimate in discomfort for a fun day out and it singles Bianca out in terms of integrating uniform-wise with Kanye and his children." Censori's unreasonably bold and bizarre outfit choices have sent shockwaves from time to time. Her near-naked looks have often been blamed on West. In fact, several reports have suggested the Yeezy owner 'manipulates' his young wife into wearing questionable clothes. 

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However, one source suggests it's the opposite. "People are confusing Bianca's creativity," the insider claimed. "She is a phenomenal personality, a phenomenal actor, who can entertain the public. She's a performance artist. Bianca is as much a performer as Ye is," per Page Six. But the body language guru insists otherwise; she reiterated the outfits worn by Censori were less 'creative' and more 'complicated.' James criticized, "Even a trip to the loo could turn into an epic, Houdini-style struggle in an outfit like this." 


Meanwhile, the expert said that Yeezy designer walking ahead of the family signals a detachment. "Walking ahead of the group adds to this suggestion of being singled out. It makes her look like the publicity stunt rather than the cool step-mom." She didn't stop there because she added, "While the others walk hand-in-hand with their heads down Bianca is her usual upright, overly-visible self. The one walking ahead of a family group can often look like the leader but, with her phone in one hand, Bianca's positioning makes her look more like a PR going ahead of her celebrities."


Although this isn't the first time Censori is spotted with West and his children. In fact, she seems to have bonded really well with the eldest North who is often seen at her father's music launches, most recent being the Vultures listening party. However, James argued this outing wasn't the same as the previous ones. "Some of Bianca's family outings have revealed some very sweet, fun, and close bonds with Kanye's children, especially when she is dressed in a similar way, but here she's back into what looks like discomfort and singling-out mode." 

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