Beyonce's Intense 22-Day Vegan Diet Plan Alarms Fans and Doctors Once Sparked Controversy

Beyonce's Intense 22-Day Vegan Diet Plan Alarms Fans and Doctors Once Sparked Controversy
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Grammy winner Beyonce's 22-day vegan diet plan that allowed her to lose an insane 20 kilos has baffled fans and doctors despite stunning results, sparking controversy. The "Cuff It" singer wanted to shed some extra pounds post-birth of her twin babies and in an attempt to do so, she followed a strict all-vegan diet for a total of 22 days, reports Marca. At the beginning of the diet, she weighed roughly 100 pounds, which the singer didn't want to maintain so she devised a plan to get back into shape.



During those days, she firmly refused to consume meat, eggs, dairy, bread, fish, and alcohol. 'I'm hungry!' said Beyonce after listing all the things she cannot eat. Her diet is completely plant-based and healthy, inclusive of multiple veggie-based recipes for every craving, sweet or savory.

While the multiple Grammy award-winning singer is completely at peace with her journey of losing weight in that manner, doctors and nutritionists say otherwise. One such nutritionist, Daniel O'Shaughnessy entailed the dangers of this diet, as it only provides 1,400 calories to the consumer and emphasizes it as an abnormal portion to consume. Reports from Marca Lifestyle further advise against following the dietary plans of celebrities as it may not agree with everyone but instead with each individual's requirements.



In a post on Instagram, while promoting her collaboration with Park Trail, she flaunts her toned abs in a casual and chic blue ensemble featuring a blue crop top and blue cargo pants. She sported a wholesome smile along with minimalistic jewelry – a layered silver chain with a crucifix pendant along with big silver hoops that complimented her outfit's aesthetic perfectly.



Queen Bey then surprised her fans with the announcement of her "Renaissance" World Tour in a post on Instagram in a sexy embezzled one-piece silver outfit studded with rhinestones and diamonds.

Fans initially speculated about the return of the album or further parts of it since its release last year. However, the queen herself gave the fans more than what they asked for and surpassed expectations as she announced her tour. The last world tour the singer did was "Formation," which earned her global success and $256 million in sales, according to reports.

Image Credit: Kevin Winter | Getty Images
Image Credit: Kevin Winter | Getty Images


This isn't the first time she's surprised her fans with news in the most extravagant manner possible. The announcement of her pregnancy for her first child not only took fans by surprise but even her rapper husband Jay-Z was floored by the news. She certainly stole the show at the 2011 VMAs.

Right before she began to perform "Love On Top," the singer subtly hinted at the crowd to feel the love growing inside her. At the end of the performance, she dropped her mic, and unbuttoned her purple sequence coat with her baby bump in full view, earning cheers and roars of congratulations from fans and fellow associates of the industry.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 4, 2023. It has since been updated.

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