Chris Pratt’s ALL IN Challenge Offers Fans A Chance To Visit Jurassic Park

Chris Pratt has jumped in on the #ALLINCHALLENGE and according to Collider, his challenge is epic. Two of the people who participate in Pratt’s ALL IN Challenge will win the opportunity to be extras in the new Jurassic World movie. One winner will be chosen by entering a sweepstakes contest on the organization’s site, which people can join for a $10 fee. The other winner will be the person who donates the most money to Pratt’s challenge.

The ALL IN Challenge is a digital fundraising effort that aims to feed people who are facing food shortages during the coronavirus pandemic. On their website, the organizers of the ALL IN Challenge state that the school closures, job losses, and challenges with the food supply chain have left many across the country struggling for their next meal. The organization is aiming to pull off the largest digital fundraiser in the history of the Internet to address this issue.

Collider reported that several celebrities including Drake, Ariana Grande, Lin-Miranda Manuel, Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber have all joined the ALL IN Challenge. Each celebrity comes up with an idea for what people who donate to their challenge will win. People donating to the ALL IN Challenge can choose from experiences like hanging out in the studio and having dinner with Ariana Grande, playing golf with Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray, flying to a party with Drake on a private plane, meeting the cast of Friends, having lunch with the Kardashians, being a co-host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and, of course, being eaten by a dinosaur in the next installment of Jurassic World.

Celebrities have been challenging each other to compete in the ALL IN Challenge on social media, per Collider. Justin Beiber challenged Chris Pratt to participate a few weeks ago. On Wednesday, Pratt finally responded via an Instagram post.

Pratt thanked Beiber for challenging him to participate and emphasized that all the money raised by participating in his challenge would go to a great cause. Pratt also promised fans that the winners would absolutely be given noticeable roles in the movie.

“You are guaranteed to be recognizable, not cut out of the movie, absolutely in the movie forever, your legacy, forever eaten by a dinosaur in the movie.”

Pratt carried on the tradition of nominating other celebrities to participate in the ALL IN Challenge. He challenged his Marvel Cinematic Universe co-stars and fellow Chrises — Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans — as well as MCU co-star Robert Downey Jr.

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