‘American Iol’ Fans Blast Clueless Contestant Lou Dawg As He Confuses Luke Bryan For Justin Timberlake

American Idol fans are freaking out after a contestant from Hawaii auditioned for the show and had no idea who the judges were. On Sunday night’s episode of the ABC singing competition, dreamy surfer/model Lou Dawg showed up with guitar in hand, but no knowledge of who well-known celebrity judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan were.

Not only did Dawg, 23, confuse country singer Luke Bryan with former boy-bander Justin Timberlake, he couldn’t name any songs at all by pop superstar Perry. As for Richie, Dawg had clue who he was and said he was “stumped” when asked to name the music legend.

After the “Hello” singer gave the clue that he’s been in the business for “243 years,” Dawg guessed that he was the host from Wheel of Fortune. Richie spun his chair away from the Idol hopeful so he wouldn’t have to look at him as Dawg called him “Pat,” in reference to game show host Pat Sajak.

In comments on the American idol Instagram page, fans weren’t sure if Dawg was actually clueless or if he was putting on a “dumb” surfer act to get attention. Several fans commented on his resemblance to Barbie doll boyfriend Ken, but most were appalled that he didn’t do his research before auditioning in front of the A-list judges’ panel for the high-profile TV show.

“Stop playing stupid. Be prepared & research the judges before you audition,” one commenter wrote.

“Talk about typical stereotype surfer,” another remarked.

“My momma always said, you can’t survive by looks alone!#nobrains,” chimed in a third American Idol fan.

“Come on now,” a fourth posted. “He’s playing dumb. He doesn’t have to be a fan of either of these 3 judges to know who they are at least one of their songs. If you’re a fan of music like he proclaims to be, then I have no doubt he knew Luke Bryan was not Justin Timberlake. He didn’t necessarily have to act all starstruck by them, but I’m sure he found out the hard way his tactic got him nowhere but sent home.”

In the end, Dawg performed an original song he wrote titled “Feel My Lovin.'” The judges all agreed that while he has some talent as a dinger and a guitar player, he has a lot of work to do to make it s as a serious contender on American Idol. Although Perry was willing to give him a pass to Hollywood, the male judges overruled her and sent Dawg back to the Hawaiian surf.


The Idol auditions process has hit a few road bumps this season. A few weeks ago, Perry collapsed after there was a gas leak at the show’s audition site in Oregon.

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