Eric Weinstein Says A Joe Rogan Democratic Presidential Run Could ‘Fix’ The ‘Idiotic Primary System’

Podcaster and managing director of Thiel Capital, Eric Weinstein, recently took to Twitter to propose a thought experiment where fellow podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan ran in the Democratic presidential primary. According to Weinstein, the hypothetical run would end before the primary’s completion and would instead be conducted for the sole purpose of changing the way presidents are elected.

According to Weinstein, the effect would be “enormous.” The 54-year-old mathematician said that “regular media folks” would be unaware of Rogan’s vast podcasting reach and suggested that “almost no one appreciates” Rogan’s intelligence.

“He’s also bullet proof as he has talked about all his failings. He could say things we can’t.”

Weinstein suggested that Rogan’s association with traditionally masculine sports like UFC and hunting wouldn’t harm his chances with female voters but actually help him thanks to his “generous & compassionate” nature, which Weinstein believes would destroy the “Toxic Masculinity” narrative.

The host of The Portal also highlighted that Rogan wouldn’t need money to promote his message, which would upend the “entire campaign finance issue.”

“He owns a media asset & his humor as a comedian would make anything he wanted go viral w/ armies of volunteers. And what are our debates if not hecklefests?”

Although Weinstein acknowledged that Rogan would never want to run for president, he suggested it could be an “efficient way” to “destroy corruption” in the political system.

“It could take silly drug scandals off the table, fix gender, break media, and avoid fundraising,” he said.

Conservative commentator Mike Cernovich suggested that the opposition research Rogan faced during such as run would be “devastating.” Cernovich suggested that Rogan’s podcast clips would be “clipped chopped, sliced and diced” to create a narrative against him and compared it to the media focus on Donald Trump. According to the 42-year-old filmmaker, Rogan would “break” from the negative spotlight within two weeks.

Psychology professor Geoffrey Miller appeared to agree with Cernovich, claiming that people “underestimate” how much opposition research restricts the people that are in power.

It’s not the first time Rogan’s name has been attached to the presidential race. Weinstein previously revealed that he, Rogan, and podcaster and author Sam Harris discussed hosting long-form presidential debates. Rogan has previously hosted Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard on The Joe Rogan Experience.

On Sunday, Yang took to Twitter to say he is open to the idea of Harris and Rogan hosting a presidential town hall that allows candidates to explain to “explain their thoughts and perspectives at length.”

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