Iron Man Enters The Soul World In Deleted ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Scene

Fans are just finding out about a major scene that was cut from Avengers: Endgame. The Russo Brothers flick already had a lengthy three-hour runtime, so footage needed to be cut anywhere possible if it wasn’t crucial to the plot. Screen Rant is reporting on this deleted scene that apparently didn’t make a whole lot of sense to test audiences.

In the mystery scene, Tony Stark travels to the Soul World after he snaps his fingers at the end of the final battle at the Avengers facility. Just as Thanos did after his snap in Infinity War, Tony was going to meet face to face with his daughter after the power of the Infinity Stones coursed through his veins.

After snapping away half of all life in the universe, Thanos met a young Gamora in the Soul World, where he had a very brief conversation with her. Gamora asked Thanos if he did “it,” and he confirms that he did. Thanos eventually admitted that it cost him everything, and the next time he was seen was at the Garden.

Tony was reportedly going to meet with a Morgan from the future, played by 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford. Katherine’s role in Endgame was speculated about for months, and one of the many theories around her casting was that she would be playing Tony Stark’s daughter, but unfortunately, it didn’t play out on screen. Screen Rant noted that the test audiences were confused at the conversation, so the Russos decided to remove it.

This scene could have been one of Tony Stark’s most important moments in all of the MCU, and something viewers might have found rewarding. The conversation between Tony and Morgan would have been very interesting to see and possibly could have given Tony a bigger peace of mind before taking his last breath.

Tony entering the Soul World also would have brought his story arc with Thanos full circle. The two characters have been paralleled in personality over the years, especially since both were “cursed with knowledge.” This one missed opportunity has some fans frustrated, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never see it.

This could quite possibly be the deleted scene that makes its way into the film when it’s re-released this weekend. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that the movie would head back out into theaters with a deleted scene, an end-credit scene, and a few surprises. Many are speculating that the re-release of Endgame is just to ensure that it passed Avatar at the international box office to be the highest grossing movie of all time.

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