Mama June Shannon & Boyfriend Geno Doak Captured On Video During Crazy Incident At Her Home

Reality television star Mama June Shannon is back in the headlines again. New reports detail that her relationship with beau Geno Doak is at the center of this latest incident, and it sounds as if the couple is still struggling with some serious issues.

According to TMZ, the jaw-dropping incident happened at Shannon’s home, with a neighbor catching some of the stunning moments on camera. The outlet details that Geno had allegedly been speeding down the street of the neighborhood in his SUV. Then, he pulled into the driveway of Mama June’s house and slammed into the garage.

After that, Doak apparently started honking the horn, seemingly to beckon Mama June. Soon, she rushed out of the house wearing only a purple negligee, carrying a black robe that she later put on to cover up. Shannon climbed into the SUV through the passenger door and was seemingly trying to help Geno.

As the video continues, it shows Geno coming from the driver’s side of the vehicle and trying to walk into the house. He has no shirt on, and both his socks and shorts are falling off. He swats Mama June’s hand away at one point when she tries to pull his pants up again.

Doak stumbles continually in the video, unable to walk even a few steps without losing his balance or backing up. The neighbor recording this can’t help but utter an “Oh my God” as she starts filming, and the clip goes on for nearly two minutes.

Geno’s clearly in a compromised condition during this incident, seemingly fully inebriated. The video ends with Doak trying to navigate his way back into the SUV on the passenger’s side as Mama June continues to try to coax him inside.

As The Inquisitr detailed last spring, Mama June and Geno ended up in serious legal trouble after they were arrested at a gas station in Alabama. Doak had threatened to harm Shannon, and it was later revealed that they had crack cocaine in the vehicle.

Mama June and Geno were instructed to stay away from one another after their arrests, but within days, they were publicly hanging out together again. Based on this latest clip, it looks like that hasn’t changed.

Cameras even filmed a family intervention that aired on Mama June’s WE tv series From Not to Hot. Shannon’s daughter Alana, known as “Honey Boo Boo,” was open in voicing her worries about her mother. The Inquisitr noted that the 13-year-old cried as she said she was scared to live with her mother.

Although the video doesn’t show Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak making their way into her house, it seems likely that’s where they ultimately ended up. It doesn’t sound as if the police were called, but given their prior legal troubles and restrictions, this incident may still generate a fresh round of trouble for them, and people will be curious to find out what comes next.

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