Mama June Shannon Arrested, Facing Drug-Related Charge After Domestic Incident With Beau Geno Doak

Mama June Shannon is in legal trouble after an incident involving her boyfriend that took place on Wednesday in Alabama. Reports detail that a confrontation led to an arrest, and both Shannon and boyfriend Geno Doak were taken into custody.

TMZ reports that both Shannon and Doak were arrested after they got into it with each other at a gas station in Alabama. Sources detail that the police received a call about two people arguing, and the authorities had quite a bit to sort through once they arrived and got involved.

Doak, 43, was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia along with domestic violence or harassment. Shannon, 39, is facing a charge of felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. So far, it doesn’t appear that additional details about the drugs or the domestic dispute have emerged.

Geno and June have been dating for about three years now. Viewers have seen him on her reality television show, From Not to Hot, and in the Season 2 finale, she was pushing for an engagement from him.

Brushes with the law aren’t exactly new for either Geno or Mama June. Doak has previously been behind bars before in connection to charges of criminal property damage, theft, and burglary.

Shannon did face criminal contempt charges several years ago for not paying child support in relation to her daughter, Anna. TMZ noted at the time that Mama June was supposed to be paying her mother $100 a month to help support her in her guardianship of Anna, aka Chickadee. The charge was later dropped after it was presumed that Shannon got caught up on what she owed her mother.

The Daily Mail pointed out previously that Shannon has a tendency to get involved with bad boys. Many who follow Mama June know about the issues with her former beau, Mark McDaniel, who abused her daughter Anna, and daughter Alana’s birth father also served time.

Alana’s father was sentenced to five years behind bars after problems in 1998 that involved setting a camper on fire and robbing numerous campsites. Anna’s biological father served time, as did the biological father of daughter Jessica, aka Chubbs.

People will be curious to learn more about what happened at that gas station in Alabama earlier this week that led to the arrests of both Geno Doak and Mama June Shannon. Will this have an impact on her reality show? Additional details about exactly what’s going on in this situation should emerge soon.

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