'1000-Lb. Sisters' Amy Slaton's Son Gage Lends A Helping Hand To His Mom In Adorable New Video

'1000-Lb. Sisters' Amy Slaton's Son Gage Lends A Helping Hand To His Mom In Adorable New Video
Photo credits: @AmySlaton | Twitter

TLC hit series 1000-Lb Sisters' star Amy Slaton recently posted an adorable video on TikTok of her son Gage being an adorable munchkin by lending his mom a helping hand while cleaning as reported by The Sun.


The video features Slaton's son mopping hardwood with the aid of an electric mom to help her keep the floor clean. The toddler seems rather content and happy on a job well done as he's seen cleaning the floor with a green and black "upgraded mop" as mentioned by his mother who also commends him for it. Gage was wearing a classic tank top that had a variety of trucks printed on it along with above-the-knee black shorts and he completely slayed hearts on TikTok with that iconic smile on accomplishing his given chore.

His brother Glenn was in the background amidst the video looking between his recording mother and brother and walking around in his trainers wearing a white onesie. Toward the end of the video, she expresses her gratitude and affection and tells Gage, "Good job baby. I love you. I'm proud of you. Thank you!"



Slaton very recently went through a messy divorce from her ex-husband Michael Halterman whom she met in high school. The high school sweethearts tied the knot in March 2019 in Nashville and were together for almost 5 years before they had their differences. The pair welcomed two beautiful sons in those years and appeared to be rather happy with their lives. As it turns out, it was all a facade to him. An insider from The Sun reveals that her husband was always jealous of the attention both sisters- Amy, 35, and Tammy, 36, received on the show during an post its success. The pair even fought a lot during 2022 and finally decided to separate later that year. 



Court rulings suggested that the couple needs to maintain "absolute silence regarding their divorce in public" they aren't allowed to refer to or mention their legal separation on either of their social media channels. But despite court orders, she set her status on TikTok as "single mom" and even posted pictures regarding the latter. The other conditions and orders included that Michael needed to move out of her $37,000 2-bhk home and Slaton was advised to live with her sister Tammy who was previously in rehab. Last but certainly not least, they're both to remain 500 feet away from each other at all times and finally file their taxes separately.



Slaton had a very tough time dealing with the split as she did love him and found it hard to adjust to her new life she even shared her rather cryptic message about it on TikTok regarding how she was dealing with the separation. After watching her video, support pooled in from everywhere for her; encouraging her and letting her know that she's "got this". 



After due time, Slaton slayed on Instagram with her and her sister's $76,000 place. She wore a classic black hoodie, her purple hair which was in a subtle half bun, a Gucci bag, shades, and a satisfied smile as she showed off her weight loss from 400 pounds to 275 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

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