OCD Over Post It Notes

Seriously, I have an obsession… with small colorful pieces of paper. They are called Post It Notes and they come in every size, shape, variety and style you could possibly want. I’m obsessed.

My friend and fellow author, Kathi Lipp, recently wrote about her five favorite ways to use Post Its and admitted to having over 45 little stacks in her desk drawer. She’s got me beat on sheer numbers, but I definitely like her ideas for how to use them.

  1. Menu Planning
  2. Love Notes
  3. Reminders (particularly at midnight)
  4. Filing
  5. Prayers

Here’s one of my favorite ways to use them:

At work I use them for each task and project, color coding to make it clear, and then they all go on the wall on a large poster paper. When I can see everything in one place, it is so much easier for me to establish priority and I love the feeling of taking them off the wall when they’re done!

What’s your favorite use for Post-It’s… favorite size… favorite color??? I wanna hear!

Just for fun… did you know?

Silver Spencer, an American chemist, was trying to create a very strong adhesive in 1970. He was able to create an adhesive, but it was very weak. It could stick to things, but would lift off easily.

About four years later, Arthur Fry, a scientist, was having difficulty keeping his markers in place in his hymnal as he sang in the choir at church. To solve this problem, he applied some of Silver’s adhesive to the markers. The adhesive was strong enough to keep the markers in place but weak enough for the markers to lift without damaging the pages; necessity is certainly the mother of invention.

Post-it notes were distributed 10 years later in 1980 and today it is one of the most popular office products available.

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What Every Woman Wants to Know: What’s He Really Thinking?

True, isn’t it? Wouldn’t we all like to know that? It starts early, especially for some little girls. But it never really changes, we want to know what the men in our lives are thinking. All too often, they aren’t necessarily spilling the beans.

So for today’s Husband Project, I’m supposed to keep my hubby on my mind. Whether that’s doing something for him, praying for him, or just focusing on the positives. I did that by finishing a couple books I’ve had on my shelf and have been wanting to read. Today I made it a priority.

What's+he+really+thinking What’s He Really Thinking
This book immediately gave me insight and a new way of looking at what’s really going on inside the head of my husband. From the different things that drive them to the vast difference in what they need. Specifically, the author begins by talking about men’s work. It’s not random placement that this gets top billing at the front of the book… it’s a priority and often defines how men feel about themselves. This is particularly apropos in our current economic landscape with so many men who were family breadwinners now being laid off and feeling stuck at home.

A poignant quote in another section was this, “Lurking beneath every conversation you have with a man is this theme of adequacy. Is he enough of a man—for this job, these children, this whatever?” I see glimpses of this already with my son who desperately wants to know that he has done well, whether it’s building a tower, flying a plane, or saying his prayers before dinner. He’ll often ask for that affirmation with something like, “That was a good one, wasn’t it?” Men aren’t quite so obvious, but I bet if you start listening, you’ll hear that need for affirmation as well.

Bottom line, What’s He Really Thinking? gave me practical ways to handle conflict, balance expectations, and understand the men in my life in a deeper, more profound way.

Your-Intercultural-Marriage-Book-Cover Your Intercultural Marriage
This is one targeted book. If you’re not in an intercultural marriage, it probably won’t apply… unless you’ve got friends or family members who could benefit. But I love that there is a book for couples like us! And there are more and more every day it seems. I love that because to me it’s a sign that cultural and racial barriers may be breaking down, slowly but surely.

The interesting thing for me in reading this book is that I realized my husband and I are not really that different culturally. We’re more different in personality and preferences than culture… and we’ve already been married over 7 years so many of the strategies and suggestions in the book about engagement and early marriage would’ve helped a few years ago.

I think this book would be perfect for a dating couple, in order to give them food for thought as they develop and nurture their relationship. As it was, my favorite part of Your Intercultural Marriage was the movie suggestions for each chapter… such a great idea!

Everybody Wants to Be Somebody… The Husband Project Continues

“Everybody wants to be somebody. The thing you have to do is give them the confidence they can.”
—George Foreman

I’ve learned more about George Foreman in the last couple days than I have in my entire life. First, because we watched Facing Ali where he was interviewed. Second, he was quoted in Kathi Lipp‘s book, The Husband Project.

Confession & Inspiration
I sort of lost track of what day I was on in the project. Valentine’s Day and a few extra projects threw me off schedule. That’s okay because the spirit of the book is to plan and intentionally celebrate your husband and I’ve been focusing on that for the last two weeks. I know I could go back and figure it out, but I don’t really want to be constrained by that, so I’m just pressing on.

“Every man may not be great, but there’s something great in every man.” —Author unknown

“It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.” —Errol Flynn


Image © Weekend Love

Today’s Assignment—Gotcha!
Today the task is to catch your man in action… doing something great and acknowledging him for it. I love that this is today’s challenge because I already have TWO great things my hubby did today that make me love him even more.

Gotcha #1 – After my husband picked up our son from preschool, he called to ask if it was okay for him to take our son out for some father-son time getting ice cream at McDonald’s. How cool is that? Completely unprompted, he did it on his own and I know our son had a blast with him.

Gotcha #2 – Earlier this evening, I went out to the kitchen to see my husband had already started making our son his favorite grilled cheese sandwich and then the entire family started to dance together to one of our favorite Alicia Keys songs. It didn’t last more than 5 or 10 minutes, but what a great family moment. I’m so incredibly blessed.

Your Turn
It’s up to you now. Go out and catch your significant other, the one you love, doing something great and celebrate them for it!

Keeping up with the Husband Project (D170)

I’m a few days behind on posting my progress with the Husband Project, but I have been keeping up with my daily projects. Here’s a quick overview…

Special Attention: A trip to the movies to see Book of Eli was a huge hit. No surprise there.
Trophy Wife: Got all dolled up for Valentine’s Day… quite a change from my everyday sweats.
Working Together: Our regular pile up of mail was getting tall so we tackled it together.
Special Treat: He turned the tables on this one and got me some treats at the store.

Yesterday was already a special day because it was the anniversary of the first time my husband and I met. Do you know how or where we met? Today’s image is of the single red rose he gave me yesterday in memory of the single red rose he gave me the first time we met. How did I get so lucky?

tasra365-red-rose-2 tasra365-red-rose

Manual: Page 58—Viewing Photographs

Images: Images from tasra365 Flickr group.

Modernizing the Age Old Tradition of… Flirting

valentine-flirty-love-kisses-organic-cookies You read that right, flirting. Like almost everything else I do, I think we should turn flirting on its head. For those who are married, it’s time to pull it out of your bag of tricks, dust it off, and put it to good use.

Today’s Husband Project challenge is to send a flirty text or email to your husband. You could also send an ecard, ichat, or any other modern form of communication. Or you could get revolutionary and send something on paper. The method is not important, the message is.

If you’ve forgotten altogether what that looks like, here are some definitions… playful, alluring, amorous, tease.

For the challenge today, I think I’ll hit my husband with some messages from a variety of sources. Why not go above and beyond the required? I’ve thought of even scheduling a few in advance, maybe one a week so that even if I forget later to keep the momentum going, I’ve already got it covered.

flirty-aprons BONUS POINTS
Want to go even further, why not order him some LOVE & KISSES like the ones I saw in my online friends (Lynn & Corie) shop… so incredibly cute and definitely fits the flirty requirement! You can even get them in vanilla or chocolate AND they’re organic!

Or don a flirty apron from Sarah Mae’s shop… my favorite is the chic pink one complete with ruffle and bow. This cute little apron might actually get me in the kitchen more often! And I’ve haven’t mentioned the BONUS assignments for the husband project, but can you guess what they are? This might work for that too. Enough said.

So, get out there and flirt!

(I seriously never thought I’d be writing about flirting on my blog!)

3 Unconventional Steps to a Man’s Heart—Husband Project 4


Image via DPS & Jonathan Pollack

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
—George Bernard Shaw

You gotta love good old George Bernard… such a way with words. And today we’re going to have our way with food. In the first few Husband Projects, we’ve covered gratitude, compliments, friendship, and good gossip. Those are four outstanding ways to a man’s heart, husband or not. I’ve heard from women and experienced for myself the incredible effect that even just a few days of intentional planning and focus on the love of my life can have.

A Picture of the Modern Woman
Today we’re going to get a little unconventional, or at least unconventional for the modern woman who may loathe spending time in anything remotely resembling a kitchen. No, I’m not asking you to get barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and cook him a gourmet meal. Nothing wrong with that, but it may be a little out of the comfort zone or time zone of many readers. We can’t all be the multi-talented Pioneer Woman (not that she’s barefoot and pregnant, but she can whip up a gourmet meal and teach the rest of us too!)

So how can we find our way into the heart of a man by capitalizing on the food-heart connection, without breaking our back or bank in the process?

Three Unconventional Steps to a Man’s Heart

  1. Find it. Buy it. Bake it. If you already know his most craved, outrageously favorite food, find a way to get it to him. No shame in take out or pick up. He’ll enjoy it just the same.
  2. Discover the Weakness. If you don’t know that one food item he dreams about, ask. Don’t tell him why… maybe just tell him you were craving some sweet treat yourself and you were wondering what he craves, if anything. Armed with your new knowledge, go track it down for him.
  3. Stock Up. Don’t buy or make just one… since you’re already out and thinking about it, stock up. This is a great time saver and will give you a leg up for those days when your energy level is down but you still want to shower him with love.
  4. BONUS: If you have a man who actually likes to cook or whip up some of his own specialties, why not get him the tools he needs to make that happen. I checked in with fab chef Stephen about what the aspiring chef might like… Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, because it’s THE essential kitchen tool, tough, fun to use, and lasts forever. Or for the not so aspiring chef, how about the pizza peel and cutter. Every man loves a good pizza!

My Challenge
Today I’m headed to the store to stock up on a few of my husband’s favorite goodies: chocolate chip cookies, Ben & Jerry’s Twisted ice cream, and some hot chocolate. I’ll spring one of the treats on him tonight after dinner, then save the others for a day when I know he could use a pick-me-up.

Why It Works
Think with me for a minute about a time when someone surprised you. It could have been with a gift, a message, a note of encouragement, or a special treat. What made it special? I’ll venture to guess that it was not only what you received, but knowing that despite the busyness in their own life, they thought about you. Not only did they stop long enough to think about you, but they considered specific information about you which means at some point they paid attention or listened to you. And we all crave someone who notices us. To top it all off, they acted on that knowledge knowing that what they were doing would bring you joy. That is powerful.

You’ve got that power in your hands now. To whom much has been given, much is required. It’s your turn. I dare you to make the man in your life feel like he’s won the lottery by having you by his side. I promise you it will pay off in spades.

Death to the Dufus Dad—Husband Project Day 3

It’s a little challenging having two projects going at once, so I hope you’re following along okay. I’m on Day 3 of The Husband Project and I’m finding the daily projects easier than I imagined. Seriously, I put off reading this book because I was afraid that my days would be consumed by lengthy, difficult projects and the last thing I want or need is another set of tasks added to my schedule. But it’s not that hard at all!

You’re Da Man
Today’s task is one that I’ve been doing over the last week and even before that… telling my husband that I think he’s da man, the bom-diggity, the bees knee’s, or whatever other phrase you want to use. Today I spent a little more time to create a tangible ode to my amazing husband, told in the way I know best… images and digital scrapbooking.


Being a single mom for 7 years, I promised myself that if/when I got married, I would not be like the married women I knew who were always complaining about their husbands. They’d try to one-up each other with what he didn’t do, how many hours of sports he watched, or the number of items of clothing he left on the ground. Now I’m not saying it’s not frustrating, but pointing out all his “flaws” to one another doesn’t really make you want to go home and make him feel special or loved. And being single and having to do everything myself, it made me even more committed to not fall into that trap.

Death to the Dufus Dad
Turn on almost any show on Primetime or even Disney and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Whether it’s the clueless husband who has to be educated by his wife, or the dufus dad who gets schooled by his tween kids, the view of a dumbed down generation of men is rampant. Don’t let it infiltrate your home and heart!

Let’s remember everything that the husbands and men in our lives juggle. Not to mention that they think differently. If you read through the list of 51 Reasons Real Women Love Their Husbands, you won’t find any dufus dads there. You’ll find real men striving and struggling to be the men they want to be. When their wives remember and reward them for the striving, even amidst failure or setbacks, they’ll be encouraged to keep trying.

Your turn!
How will you celebrate the one you love (and ignore the hours of TV watched, clothes left on the floor, and crumbs in the bed)?

30 Minutes is All it Takes… (D161)

I hope you don’t mind, but this month I’m going to be writing about, focusing on, and probably posting more pics of my husband… it’s February, the month of love, and I’m starting The Husband Project (wanna join me?).

The first day’s project is to give him 30 minutes of time to himself when he gets home from work. So, since my husband works at home, I didn’t have to do it!

tasra365-donron Just kidding. I realize that even though we both work at home, that means there is even less time for my husband to decompress and go from super-fantastic video producer to dad and husband. He’s got about 30 seconds, the time it takes to walk upstairs from office to home, instead of 30 minutes.

Today was a bit different since we started using Monday as our day of rest instead of Sunday. It’s a bit unconventional, but I’m loving it! Anyway, instead of him needing time to decompress from work, I knew he really wanted to finish the movie he started watching earlier in the day (Hurt Locker). So when I heard our son asking Daddy to play, I called the little one into our room and kept him occupied for over an hour so Dad could finish the movie.

Since he was so focused on the movie, I’m not even sure my husband noticed or knew that I intentionally did that. But I know and as Kathi Lipp says in her book, that’s what matters. It’s about me intentionally making choices that celebrate and nurture him. Mission accomplished!

For my image today, I just grabbed a quick shot of a small section of a collage I created for our wedding. One thing I’d like to plan over the course of this project is helping him to return to some of the things that he loves most… including dancing!

If you’re up for taking the challenge with me, or even just seeing what some of the other projects are, you can read the 5 Day Husband Project Blogger Challenge. I’ve got a couple of Kathi’s books to give away throughout the project too, so hop on in and let’s celebrate the men who make our lives (and us) so much better than they would be without them!

P.S. If you’re wondering about the number of ways I love my husband, here’s a key…

  • 163 = number of emails we sent to each other before we met in person
  • 2741 = number of days we’d been married at the time I posted
  • 2 = number of kids we have
  • 5 = number of times we’ve moved since being married
  • 61 = number of love letters from him that I keep on my dresser

Manual: Page 39—ISO Sensitivity.

Images: Looked at images in a video online of amazing artists and creatives. Will share it with you tomorrow!

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways… (The Husband Project)

Did you notice that my list of five reasons I love my husband was missing from the 51 Reasons Real Women Love Their Husbands article? I left mine off because 51 reasons sounded so much better than 56 reasons. Kinda silly, but I liked the fact that I had exactly 10 women share their reasons for why they loved their husbands… and one wife who just couldn’t resist adding an extra one!

Today you get to see my list… kind of. The second step in ramping up for The Husband Project is to count the ways you love your husband (or wife if you’re playing along!). Instead of being ordinary, I thought we could go about it in a fun, un-ordinary kind of way.

Here’s my list as an example…

counting-love I’m going to send my husband this card with the different numbers and see if he can decipher what each number represents. Some are easier than others, but the entire process was a great lesson in the importance of keeping track of your love. Being intentional with reminders of why you love your husband is powerful.

Take a few minutes to think of some creative numbers you can use to count the ways you love your husband, then leave a comment below, tweet or Facebook about it and make sure to tell your husband. We’re going to revolutionize our marriages this month!

If anyone can correctly guess what each of these numbers represent, I will send you a special gift in the mail! Good luck!

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