Social Media Dubs Trump a ‘Deranged Lunatic’ for Claiming ‘Country Wouldn’t Exist’ if He Loses

Social Media Dubs Trump a ‘Deranged Lunatic’ for Claiming ‘Country Wouldn’t Exist’ if He Loses
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According to Yahoo! News, in a Michigan news conference alongside law enforcement officers, former president Donald Trump outlined the catastrophic stakes for the 2024 election—America would cease to exist if he isn't re-elected. In response, social media pounced on the GOP front-runner, accusing him of inciting panic and predicting doom. Slamming the business mogul turned politician, netizens asserted that it would be the other way around, as reported by Ok! Magazine. "We know we're dealing with a deranged lunatic and the dangers he poses. I'm more sickened by law enforcement officers standing behind and applauding him," a user criticized on X, formerly Twitter.



"The opposite is true. If he wins, we will never have another election. We will have a dictatorship," another predicted on X. A third user added, "Today Trump called immigrants 'animals' and argued that, if he doesn’t win in November, it 'could be the last election we ever have.' And it’s barely getting attention. This is how fascism is normalized. It cannot be considered partisan to call this out."


Chiming in, an X user slammed his dystopian tendencies, "No politician has ever been more willing to destroy 250 years of American democracy more than this piece of sh*t. This man-child silver spoon a**hat is so pathetic. Zero idea how any decent honorable person can still support this assclown." Many others also pointed out Trump's psychological manipulation tactics. A user explained on X, "Remember: Trump is trying to keep people in a state of existential dread so they can be emotionally manipulated and do whatever he asks, à la Jan 6. Right out of the autocratic playbook."



 Another user suggested, "Be clear. There is a widely understood plan to sabotage the election & use a more organized Big Lie psychological warfare campaign to cause J6-like violence all over the country if they lose. Trump is pre-programming the MAGA/QAnon cult for Mike Flynn’s third attempted coup." Retreating the concern, another user asked voters to be careful of voting for him again. He implored viewers to understand, "Trump is telling you his plans. He will burn down everything along with himself because he’s afraid to meet his fate alone. He’s Jim Jones meets Nero."



Additionally, many also asserted that Trump's fearmongering is because he fears if he doesn't win, he might go to prison. "He’s didn’t win in 2020. We still exist. We’ve had all sorts of elections since. That’s not what he’s worried about. He knows if he doesn’t win, he’s going to prison," a user slammed. "What a man says when he knows he will win the election or go to prison," a user echoed while another added, "No, we need Trump in 2024 NOT to exist and be sent directly to jail."

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