Throwback to When Sister Wives' Meri Brown Had a Dramatic Makeover and Posed With Her New Partner

 Throwback to When Sister Wives' Meri Brown Had a Dramatic Makeover and Posed With Her New Partner
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The Sister Wives star Meri Brown unveiled a new look for her admirers. The TLC personality shared a photo of her new hairdo on Instagram. The reality star lay on a surface in her home's living room. Her hand raised her head and rested on her chin.

Meri wore a full face of glitzy makeup and smiled softly and subtly at the camera. Meri opted for a shorter length and a redder tone instead of her usual blonde. For her casual selfie, she wore a gray tank, gold jewelry, and a black-and-white sweater along with her new shoulder-grazing cut done in a deep side part.



Meri included a remark from French fashion designer and entrepreneur Coco Chanel, who established the Chanel brand, in her description. The caption read, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.' --Coco Chanel #WorthyUp." As reported by The Sun, after revealing a new partner in her life during Thanksgiving, she has unveiled her most recent look update.

Although Kody and Meri parted ways in January 2023, he acknowledged that their marriage had been in trouble for "seven years prior." She spent over 30 years living with Kody, and the couple had a son named Leon. Meri has been able to get over her breakup from her polygamist spouse ever since. The celebrity shared photos of her Thanksgiving holiday spent with a new guy acquaintance on Instagram and departed for a gorgeous Lake Michigan residence.



Meri wrote a long Instagram post in August reflecting on the year that has changed for her after divorcing her husband of thirty-two years. She wrote, "This year has been a season of change for me. A time to look inward, decide what is me now, what is not anymore. A time to cherish the past and the memories it holds, while also letting go and reaching for my future. It's been time to part ways with all the 'stuff' holding me back, holding me down, and what is holding on to me, that stuff that doesn't serve me anymore. Physical stuff, emotional stuff, all the unneeded stuff."

She was eager to build an "updated version" of herself and was focused on discovering "new things, new places, new people, and new environments". She concluded, "It's a time to create the updated version of me, and in doing that I'm not afraid to retreat into myself at times while I learn, create, and become, all the new parts of me. For in retreating, looking inward, and making a change, that is where my best and brightest self is created." The introspection followed months after she made their separation official public in early January, saying that "after a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways," the two decided to end things forever.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 14, 2023. It has since been updated.

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