Take Back Your Life

Wouldn’t it feel great to get your photos off the computer, out of the shoe box, and into a scrapbook? And how about finding room to breathe, time to pursue your passions, and the energy to get everything done?

Now is the time.

about-rwsKey elements in scrapbooking, such as perspective, balance, and focus‚ make stunning pages. Now find out what you can create if you apply these elements to the rest of your life!

Over the last seven years, I have helped thousands of women take back their time and reclaim their dreams. I’ve done this in two specific ways:

  • First, I wrote Real Women Scrap, an inspiring and practical guide designed to help you find balance, crop out chaos, and live a life you love.
  • Then, I created a website and blog community of women‚ real women.

I’m a full time author, personal discovery coach, speaker, and mother. But back in 2002 I was a single mom planning a wedding, moving out of state, beginning a new job, and trying to keep it all together. It was a late night visit to the emergency room for mysterious (stress-related) stomach pain that started the adventure I am currently living.

With doctor’s orders to rest for two weeks, God finally had my undivided attention and I began to reconnect with myself, my family, and my faith. Most of the time I was too busy filling my life with noise, distraction, and stuff, but not anymore. Those two weeks were a time of refreshing, reconnecting and creativity. I began scrapbooking again and found that the lessons I applied to make award-winning pages were the same lessons I should be applying to my busy life. Learning and applying the lessons of balance, focus, symmetry, boundaries, comparison, sisterhood, and more allowed me to quit a stressful job and begin taking care of myself at least as well as I take care of everyone else.

The same can happen to you.



“Scrapbooking is more than a hobby”
Scrapbooking is much more than a hobby‚ it’s a priceless opportunity to know and love yourself, before it’s too late. In Real Women Scrap, Tasra reveals the power in scrapbooking to help you examine your life and make a difference in the lives of others. She just gets it and I love her for it.

Stacy Julian
Founding Editor, Simple Scrapbooks magazine, Founder and Co-owner, Big Picture Scrapbooking


Inspiring tips, insightful stories, and practical strategies guide you through the creative process and back to yourself. From planning to completion, Real Women Scrap‚ shows you how to design a scrapbook‚ and live a life‚ that is a joyfully crafted reflection of your authentic self.

You will learn how to:

  • Create balance in your layouts and your life
  • Keep yourself in the picture‚ both on and off the scrapbook page
  • Crop out chaos and clutter to focus on what’s important
  • Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary
  • Preserve cherished memories and leave a lasting legacy
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“25 days to live more fully with Real Women Scrap
Jilldavis_webI did something this summer that was just for me. I’m not a prolific reader but I have to tell you about the experience I had reading an extraordinary book. What I found within its pages was soul food. One evening I turned off my computer, cleaned up the dinner dishes and informed my family I was going to be reading for the next few evenings. I put on my pajamas and settled into my favorite chair with some hot chocolate and a manuscript of Real Women Scrap‚ by Tasra Dawson.

As I sank into my chair and Chapter One I thought, Hey, this experience sounds familiar. I shrugged off the similarities thinking it happenstance. Somewhere in Chapter Two I found myself amazed that I wasn’t the only person in the world who felt the emotions being described. I sipped the last of my hot chocolate, took a break to stretch and found the box of Kleenex.

I read non-stop and was lost in the pages of time – finishing the book in the wee hours of the morning. I finished because I wanted to and because I couldn’t put it down. Tasra effectively and poignantly compared the experiences of scrapbooking to life experiences. Her matter of fact, tried and true remedies for problem solving were a breath of fresh air and the reading experience, for me, was like having a heart-to-heart with a dear friend. I closed the book feeling grounded, centered and really good about my scrapbooking self and my real self. Tasra beautifully showed how they are one and the same.Wow! She’s done Scrapbookers proud. She’s done women proud. I applaud her skill, talent and willingness to take the time to put what she knows, sees and experienced into words so you and I can see ourselves and our passionate hobby more clearly.

I’m not going to tell you what my endorsement on the front cover of the book says. I was honored that Tasra chose it‚ but I want you to know it’s all true. This is a five-star, really good read. If you’re wondering what to give yourself for being a really good girl this year, consider Real Women Scrap‚ by Tasra Dawson.

Jill Davis
Founder and Owner Scrapbook.com and Scrapjazz.com


“What’s The Big Deal?”Melodyross_web
“Everyone knows someone who has fully embraced the scrapbooking trend…but is it really a trend? Tasra exposes what scrapbooking really is, and what it has always been-a fundamental human need to find our roots, share them and express ourselves in ways that are as unique as our fingerprints.If you’ve been wondering what the ‘big deal’ is about scrapbooking, you’ll find out in this book…then you’ll probably be so compelled that you’ll pick up your camera and your pen and start archiving your own life. This book is a treasure.”

Melody Ross 
Founder of Chatterbox, Author of What to Write to Make Meaningful Albums


Create a new page, take back your time, and tap into the sisterhood of real women who scrap. Whether you are a novice or a veteran scrapper, this book provides practical tools to enhance your pages‚ while helping you rejoice in your life. Get inspired. Get happy. Get started with Real Women Scrap.

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Angiepedersenfortasra“Many Women Need To Hear This Message!”

“Tasra Dawson presents powerful and inspirational ideas that will find a home with many women who need to hear just this message. I can see a lot of women drawing strength from the ideas Tasra shares. You can’t help but connect the ideas to your own life. If you are searching for the meaning and purpose of your own life, this book will help you find it.”

Angie Pedersen, Best-selling author of The Book of Me series
MemoryTrends Magazine columnist, National Speaker, Marketing Consultant

Here’s what real women are saying about Real Women Scrap…

Wendy_webTasra Dawson is awesome the way she draws on the power of scrapbooking wisdom and applies it to life.

Real Women Scrap is filled with habit-changing, heart-warming, worth-having inspiration, which is why you must put down those scissors long enough to run and buy this book!

Wendy Bagley
Author of Scraps: Adventures in Scrapbooking


Grace_webReal Women Scrap offers practical insights for successful living. Besides featuring helpful and easy-to-follow tips for scrapbook enthusiasts, it offers wise words for women who desire their lives to portray order and beauty.

A must-read.

Grace Fox, retreat and conference speaker
Author of 10-Minute Time Outs for Moms and 10-Minute Time Outs for Busy Women


KimReal women are burnt-out, worn out, and depleted as a result of the busyness‚ of their lives. I know‚ because I work with them every day! Pick up this book, join Tasra at the scrap table, and let her teach you how to transform your overloaded life as you turn stacks of photos into something brilliant!

Real Women Scrap is a priceless gift for any woman ready to rediscover her balance, her passion, and her energy.

This is a breakthrough book that will change your life. Read it, use it and LOVE it!

Kimberly Fulcher, President & CEO, Compass Life and Business Designs, Inc.
Author of Remodel Your Reality


Kelly_yellow“Stop living on overload! This life-changing book is the first step for overwhelmed, overscheduled women who think they just might be crazy with all they have to do and be.

Tasra’s process of self-discovery through creative expression will redefine your priorities and set you on the path to fulfilling your dreams!”

Kelly O’Neil
President, UpLevel Strategies
Award-winning business and marketing coach

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“Warm, honest, and engaging! Real Women Scrap speaks to the heart of every woman and celebrates her value.”
Kay Marshall Strom
Conference speaker and author of 30 books, including The Savvy Couple’s Guide to Marrying After 35

“I’ve started reading your book and I’m blown away! How can someone so young be so wise? Your book has all the words I’ve been trying to convey to my customers. You are wise beyond your years. Thanks again, Helene.”
Helene’s Custom Framing and Scrapbooking, Santa Rosa, CA

I’m in the middle of reading your book right now. I just love how you have related the scrapbook concepts to US! I have been spending the last few years really evaluating my life and making many changes much like in your book. Scrapbooking has really helped me because it’s a venue for me to write about anything and feel creative and I have learned so much about myself through my scrapbooking.
Michele M.

I have been “breathing” your book – Thanks so much for such an inspirational read!
Scrapbook.com member, aka “Scrap Candy”

“Awesome! Life-changing! I absolutely loved it! I’ve already started implementing some of your suggestions. Who knows? I might even get that scrapbook started that I’ve bought so many supplies for! God really used your manuscript to speak to me. I am so inspired. There are many things that I have been wanting to do and talking about doing: writing my novel, getting my writer’s book published, exercising daily, finishing a scrapbook for my newly married son. You’ve made me feel motivated and empowered to make the changes necessary for those things to happen. Thanks!”
Kathy Ide, author, editor, speaker

“I’m so into this. And to think, I don’t even scrap! I am so inspired and want to journal some of the events in my life just to show how I’ve transformed them! To show my daughter how powerful hope and prayer are, and remind me. This book struck a chord and means a lot to me, especially in the context of my past and my life now overcoming obstacles and having to find the blessing. I am loving this!””
Denise Schlaman, junior high English teacher

“I loved reading Real Women Scrap. It was so full of inspiration! Now I’m ready to get back to my photos and albums to try out some of the things I learned. Tasra’s insights and practical applications inspire me to try them out in my life too.”
Melanie G., mother of four girls

“Tasra Dawson has taken a charming observation on the parallels between scrapbooking and life, and created a companion piece for every busy woman who longs to both live more in the moment, as well as to preserve the moments that make up the shifting kaleidoscope of her rich and hectic life. I would recommend Real Women Scrap to any scrapper, particularly to a stressed-out mom with a lot going on.”
Katie Vorreiter, business owner, author, wife, and mother of two

“I just finished the book today and was thinking about telling you how much I enjoyed it. WOWWW I felt like you were talking about me in some of those places! I have lots of “starred” spots where I marked the parts that hit a nerve!”
Kim Miller, mother, interpreter, teacher


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Congratulations! I want to thank you for taking this journey with me. You’ve done more than 99% of people ever will. Now it’s time to take the next step by purchasing Real Women Scrap and joining our community. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to get started on fulfilling your dreams and living a life you love.

Live creative,


P.S. Don’t forget that you can try Real Women Scrap with zero risk. I’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price if you decide you don’t like it for ANY reason.