Netizens Recall Marjorie Taylor Greene Showing Hunter Biden's Explicit Images: 'This Is Crazy'

Netizens Recall Marjorie Taylor Greene Showing Hunter Biden's Explicit Images: 'This Is Crazy'
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In July 2023, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene disrupted the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing by displaying explicit pictures of Hunter Biden. Greene produced the questionable poster boards while the committee was hearing evidence from two Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers investigating Biden's taxes. As per The Washington Post, Biden's face in the images was left uncensored, while black boxes obscured other subjects. A video of the incident has resurfaced on X, drawing mixed reactions from netizens


@DesireeAmerica4 posted the clip and stated, "Remember when Marjorie Taylor Greene pulled out pictures of Hunter Biden having sex with prostitutes on the Congress floor? MTG rocks!" In response, @jdunworthmusic asked rhetorically, "Are these the type of people you want running this country? Good Lord, you deserve all the sh*t that comes your way." Chiming in, user @RickyMalcolm5 praised, "MTG is a fighter!!! Not many republican representatives want to fight like her, in fact, there are too many RINOS in the republican party. Especially that RINO Mike Johnson. makes me want to not even vote in 2024." Meanwhile, another user, @ElaineinNH, quipped, "They’re offended by the pictures, but not the actions by Hunter?"


Reiterating similar concern, @Tootch2020 tweeted, "Yeah, and she's right. Hunter should be in jail for trafficking and sexual assault on a minor. He does the same dam things his daddy does. They are both sick and need some prayers and not condoning." Another user, @Phydorex, however, empathized with Biden, "Is Hunter running for office? You are proud of Empty-G violating his privacy like this? What if that was a video of you? What if those were pictures of you being held up by Jamie Raskin? Yeah, real klassy of her, and you can tell it's real klass because it's spelled with a K." @DragonLuva3 echoed, "This is damning to Hunter but it does not equate to cheaper food prices or more jobs. That's what Marjorie should be working on, NOT THIS!"


“I would like to let the committee and everyone watching at home know that parental discretion is advised,” Greene cautioned before questioning the IRS whistleblowers. She drew immediate backlash for showcasing pornographic material in front of the committee. Rep. Jared Moskowitz mocked, “To ‘own’ Hunter Biden, they are assembling nude photos of him, having some intern have to sit in a room and blow up these photos and put it on poster boards and figure out, ‘Oh, which ones are beyond the pale?" 

Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Kent Nishimura
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kent Nishimura


Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asserted that Republicans had descended to a 'new low'. She opined, “Frankly, I don’t care who you are in this country, no one deserves that.” Additionally, Rep. Jamie Raskin argued that the images were 'completely irrelevant'. He pointed out that it “did not advance in any way the putative objective of the hearing.”


As per The Hill, Greene became the target of an ethics complaint filed by Biden's attorney. Abbe David Lowell, an attorney for Biden, condemned Greene's activities in a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). It read, “This week, your colleague has lowered herself, and by extension the entire House of Representatives, to a new level of abhorrent behavior that blatantly violates House Ethics rules and standards of official conduct."


"If the OCE takes its responsibilities seriously, it will promptly and decisively condemn and discipline Ms. Greene for her latest actions,” Lowell wrote. “Now more than ever, the House has a duty to make loud and clear that it does not endorse, condone, or agree with her outrageous, undignified conduct and brazen violations of the standards of official conduct that do not reflect creditably on the House of Representatives,” he added.

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