MSNBC Host Speculates Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Humiliating’ Downfall From ‘MAGA Hero to Zero’

MSNBC Host Speculates Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Humiliating’ Downfall From ‘MAGA Hero to Zero’
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Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Republican Representative from Georgia, could soon face a downfall within her party, MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin predicted. “There’s always been a certain level of tolerance for MTG among her congressional colleagues,” Mohyeldin forewarned of Greene's fall from grace. “But now, they are making it known that they are getting sick of her antics.”



Greene has faced criticism from members of her own party after she threatened to turn against House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.). If her proposal for Johnson's ouster makes it to the floor, there are suggestions that even Democrats may step in to preserve Johnson. Mohyeldin aired video clips of staunch Republican politicians criticizing Greene, including Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), who accused her of “dragging our brand down.” He noted that even the conservative media which has always supported Greene is gradually turning against her, per HuffPost.



That would be a "humiliating defeat," according to Mohyeldin, for Greene and the House GOP. “So in just a short time span, Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone from MAGA hero to zero,” he said, prophesying her defeat. “But she didn’t flame out because of her bigotry or extremism and wild conspiracy theories. It’s only when she turned on her own party and threatened their agenda that they decided to put their foot down and actually stand up to her,” he said. “They made their deal with the devil in coddling her. And now, they have to live with it.”

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Samuel Corum
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Samuel Corum

Greene has been having trouble garnering sufficient support for her last-month effort to remove Johnson. Greene revolted even further after Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) successfully pushed a $95 billion foreign aid plan that included a sizable portion of funding for Ukraine, infuriating conservatives. But many GOP members still feel like they have to defend Johnson, and essentially curb Greene.

“She needs to stop it,” Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY) told The Daily Beast of Greene. “The theatrics, the drama, the crisis-creating doesn’t help my constituents. It doesn’t improve the lives of those we serve or this country. It’s tiring, unhelpful, and wrong.”


For many GOP members, Greene's belief that lawmakers will face intense criticism for Johnson's decision to take a recess means she might be misunderstanding the true concerns of core Republican supporters. This strategy, according to a GOP member, demonstrates “how disconnected from reality Marjorie is.” They added they haven't encountered “[motion to vacate] trolls back home at church soup suppers, town hall meetings, or car shows.”

“I assume they are busy in their mom’s basement, raging as keyboard warriors,” this member said. “The voters I talk to in person know things need to change, but they are blaming Joe Biden, not Mike Johnson.” 


Johnson is in serious jeopardy because of the aid measure for Ukraine. The bill was approved 311 to 112, with all 210 Democrats present voting in favor of it and the GOP accounting for all 112 of the no votes. Democrats on the House floor celebrated and waved Ukrainian flags in support of their country, which has been under a violent Russian assault for the last two years, as the bill passed.

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