Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Tribute For Donald Trump Met With Scathing Remarks: "An Amazing Conman"

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Tribute For Donald Trump Met With Scathing Remarks: "An Amazing Conman"
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In a lengthy post on X, formerly Twitter, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene praised former President Donald Trump. She began by asking people what their 'favorite thing' was about President Trump, adding that she had 'several'. She applauded the Republican frontrunner for being "genuinely kind-hearted and caring about everyone," often sincerely checking up on her. Her post quickly drew a flurry of responses online as netizens weighed in.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Chip Somodevilla
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Chip Somodevilla

The Republican representative, who owns a construction company, claimed that Trump was 'one of the best' at running a business from "top to bottom and bottom to top."

Praising Trump's ideas for 'American greatness', Greene hoped to deliver on some of the ideas they discussed. "President Trump is so smart and has so many exciting ideas...that benefit EVERY American. I hope with all my heart we get the opportunity to bring the ideas we have discussed to fruition for America." Additionally, she admired Trump's love for his family and his dedication to "putting America first."



She stated, "I also truly appreciate how much he loves his family. Every single one of them, and they love him. It speaks of his character in ways that stand the test of...public perception. But perhaps one of the most admirable traits is how dedicated he is to putting America first. He is giving up living a self-centered life enjoying his success and hard-earned wealth to fight the corrupt and evil people in our government to Make America Great Again, not for himself, but for...ordinary American citizens.



However, Greene's effusive praise was met with scathing sarcasm. A user, @NotHoodlum, bluntly pointed out Trump's lack of respect for "the mother of three of his children" by attaching a photo of his former wife, Ivana's neglected grave, as per The Daily Mail. Another user, @NashIsHereForlt opined, "I like how he got convicted of 34 felonies...has cheated on all his wives...especially like how he just grabs women by the pussy. He’s a real class act."



@enrich1212 quipped, "I LOVE how he pulled the wool over your eyes. Trump is an amazing conman." @StrictlyChristo stated their favorite thing was the fact that "Trump is...a felon and he's about to be sentenced to spending many, many months in jail for his crimes." @TheClearCider mocked, "I love how he uses the hair growing out of his ears to facilitate his handsome, almost unnoticeable, natural, combover." 


Greene, a known Trump ally, has vowed to vote for Trump even if jailed. She has long backed baseless claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election and was stripped of her House committee assignments in 2021 for endorsing violence against Democrats, as per NPR. With Trump now the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee despite his legal troubles, the controversial representative remains firmly in his camp regardless of the sarcastic blowback.


She concluded her tweet by asserting, "It deeply saddens me that he has been vilified all for the disgusting business of politics. He is the most attacked and lied about man...on planet Earth. And he takes all of the unfair cruel attacks with strength and grace and unwavering hope that through it all people will wake up and see what is happening and join in the fight to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN."

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