Marjorie Taylor Greene Alleges Democrats Seek Trump’s Death: "Murdered Somewhere in Jail"

Marjorie Taylor Greene Alleges Democrats Seek Trump’s Death: "Murdered Somewhere in Jail"
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In a recent statement on Infowars, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene voiced a controversial claim, suggesting that Democrats harbor intentions of seeing former President Donald Trump murdered. Greene’s comments come amid ongoing legal battles faced by Trump, who is currently on trial in New York facing several felony charges. During her conversation with Alex Jones on Infowars, Greene expressed concerns about the upcoming 2024 election and the potential ramifications if Trump does not secure victory. Jones remarked, “We could lose this thing, ladies and gentlemen. And God forbid Trump doesn’t win. Can you imagine what they’re going to do? They’ve said it. They’re literally going to come after the Trump supporters and the people that are seen as the opposition to the globalist plan. So, this is so serious for our republic.”


She claimed that Democrats have a vested interest in seeing Trump dead and are willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve this, citing Rep. Bennie Thimpson’s bill to strip Secret Service protection from convicted felons as evidence of this alleged intent. She asserted, “He’s putting all he has into trying to win the election. But you also gotta remember, he’s– at the same time he’s trying to run for president again, he’s having to put everything he has into defending himself against these rigged trials and this unbelievable perversion of our justice system. And the Democrats aren’t sorry about it. They aren’t gonna back off of what they are doing. They literally want him dead. Bennie Thompson introduced a bill to take away his Secret Service protection,” as reported by Mediaite.


The bill, known as the DISGRACED Act, has ignited controversy and speculation, with Greene and others suggesting that it signifies Democrats’ intentions to harm Trump. Intriguingly, legal commentator Alan Dershowitz echoed Greene’s sentiment, stating that the bill implies a desire for Trump's death. A source at Thomson’s office revealed,  "Nobody should have special treatment, and that happens to include the former president."

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As per Newsweek, Greene’s remarks are part of a broader narrative surrounding her political stance and history of promoting conspiracy theories. She has previously made unsubstantiated claims about President Joe Biden's intentions regarding Trump's legal fate, as well as expressed controversial views on executing political opponents for "treason."

Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Douglas P. DeFelice
 Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice

She wrote on Twitter, “While Democrats suddenly care about Putin’s political opponent dying in jail, Democrats are actively locking up J6’ers and Biden’s DOJ is trying to put Pres Trump in prison for the rest of his life which would be a death sentence. Talk about election interference! Democrat policies are so bad and the Biden admin has done such a horrible job by enabling a deadly invasion of over 10 million illegals into our country and is destroying the value of our dollar with high inflation and energy-killing green new deal crap that the only thing they can run on is blame Trump and scream Russia.”

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