Lauren Boebert Roasted After Gushing Over Donald Trump: ‘Looks Pretty While He Sleeps’ in Court

Lauren Boebert Roasted After Gushing Over Donald Trump: ‘Looks Pretty While He Sleeps’ in Court
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After her grandiose defense of Donald Trump over allegations that he frequently dozes off during his criminal trial in the Stormy Daniels hush money case, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) received backlash from her critics on social media. “I think he’s praying,” she said after Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) detailed all the times Trump is said to have dozed in court on May 16, per HuffPost. “But if he is sleeping, y’know, he certainly looks pretty while he sleeps. Maybe it’s an endearing moment of prayer, though.”



The conspiracy theorist, who stated the Trump trial is “kinda slow” and understands why someone might take a nap there, also detailed what happens when she falls asleep in public. “I know when I fall asleep on airplanes my mouth kinda drops open,” she said. “And y’know his mouth is kinda tight-lipped, so maybe it’s just a somber moment of thought.”



Boebert's critics weren't buying Trump's claim that he was having “an endearing moment of prayer” when numerous witnesses noticed him dozing throughout the trial. A user slammed Boebert on X, saying, "Gropert is beyond help." Another user said, "It's crazy she doesn't find this embarrassing at all." Another user, taking a shot at the hush money criminal case, said, "Did he pray before fornicating with another woman that wasn’t his wife just as Barron was being born?" 



Another user slammed, "Girl, you are not making sense." A user said, "One purpose of the nonstop stupidity is to make normal people just tune out and give up." A user mocked, "Tell me it's a cult without telling me it's a cult." A user joked, "Robert Garcia's picture of Trump sleeping helped calm everyone down and led to Lauren Boebert making this mesmerizing statement."


A user mocked Boebert's praying defense, saying, "LOL. Boebert is trying to convince people that Trump is praying during his porn star hush money cover up criminal trial." A user asked, "I’m tired of living in this distorted reality. She can’t be serious, can she?" A user commented, "Okay this is just a huge stretch but they know that and it will work on dupes and dopes like everything else does. Gawd these people are so exhausting."

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Andrea Renault
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Andrea Renault


Boebert was the latest Republican to show loyalty to Trump when she appeared in the New York courtroom where the trial is being held, per HuffPost. Outside the courthouse, several people heckled Boebert with "Beetlejuice" shouts as she addressed the audience, a reference to when she was kicked out of a Denver theater after being seen vaping and allegedly "groping" her date during a performance of the "Beetlejuice" musical in September last year. 


The Colorado congresswoman's participation at Trump's trial received more criticism than that of other Republicans after it was revealed that she did not attend her own son's court hearing on May 9.

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