Get Reviewed!

I am not a sales person and actually am trying to overcome a particular disdain for anything that smacks of overt selling.

I do however like to talk and write about products, services, and people that I like and love. You could call me an early adopter or Alpha consumer, someone who finds something they love and tells everyone about it. I do that in real life and in my blog. It’s just so nice to have something that thrills and delights or just plain works consistently.

To that end, I am frequently contacted to do reviews on my blog. If you don’t like reviews, please feel free to skip those posts.

If you’d like to get your products reviewed and seen, please send a note to tasra (at) teenidentity (dot) com.

Disclosures and Relationships

I work for Dare Dreamer Media, a new media marketing and video production company.

I am founder and photographer for Teen Identity Portraits.

I sometimes use Amazon Affiliate links to point to books I’ve reviewed. I get a few cents for every purchase a reader makes on Amazon from those links, about enough to buy a caramel macchiato at Starbucks once a month. Please feel free to shop to your heart’s content knowing that you are supporting my affinity for all things coffee-related.

I am sent numerous books, DVDs, and products to review by authors, companies, and PR firms. If it’s in the Reviews section of my site or tagged as a review, chances are I was sent a free sample to review. I’ll only review the ones I like, unless I suspect you might like it. Contests and giveaways are open to US residents only.

I frequently review products and services for Mom Central. While participating in their blog tours and giveaway campaigns, I may receive products and/or gift cards as thanks for participating.