It’s the journey that matters…

We’re all on a journey. When we wake up to that discovery is different for each and every one. At each stage of my life, I’ve allowed myself to be defined by the title or label placed on me: author, teacher, designer, photographer, speaker, wife, mother. This short film expresses who I am in my life right now… and where I want to go. Embracing the journey, the process, the discovery of life and how to live insanely great is my singular focus. I would be honored if you’d join me in the journey.

Sincerely yours,
Tasra Mar

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The Journey

I’ve been on a journey, searching, seeking.
Looking for answers in people and places, wandering, wondering.
A restless nomad, exploring, investigating.

Relentless insatiable curiosity driving me on,
something to validate my life, my art, me.
Never giving up the sense of what “could be” – the possibility.

The noise outside became the noise inside
and my own voice was silenced. Or did I ever hear it?

And then – in a moment – it began, like silent raindrops in the night
triggered by the cobble stone streets of my beloved paris…

A remembering of rekindled dreams and daily delights
old journals and sheet music, steamy cappuccino and chocolate crepes,
calla lilies and lily pads, undying devotion and passionate desire,
songs that fill you up and make you feel known, texture and silence.

Step by step the journey back to my heart began with my art.
Am i an artist, a writer, a poet, a photographer?

All or none? Forced to pick just one?

Searching for a single word, a label, a box to liberate or enslave.
At once yearning to be defined and running from confinement.

Maybe the journey is the answer.
Stop pretending. Stop hiding. Reject perfection. Fear. Less.

It is not easy or simple.
It is the greatest challenge I feel I will have to face.
A problem with no solutions or happy endings, only a journey of life changing proportions.

Maybe this is the way to live… real, true, unapologetically authentic.