Who Has Time To Take a Daily Photo

Interview with Thaddeus Miles, FINISHER of Project 365 in 2012.
His story and images pack a punch. Take a look!


Why did you take on the 365 project in the first place?

On the night of January 1, 2012, I was searching the internet for articles on ways to improve my photography and I came across your 365 project website. My first thought was “…damn who has the time to take and/or post a photo EVERY day in 2012″? I then decided to at LEAST read the guidelines and look at the photos from the previous year participants. What I experienced when reviewing the 365-project photographs of 2011 was a tremendous amount of respect, appreciation and awe for the creativity and discipline of the photographers.

I’m in! Inspired to grow and develop my photography skill set, I decided to take the plunge and create a blog for people to view my posts.

Did you have any specific fears or goals for your photography project?

I thought finding a photo to post every day would be most difficult but my biggest fear was as the Director of Public Safety for MassHousing and the President of three Non-profits with such a busy work schedule, whether I would commit the time required to learn about photography, explore why I love photography and further demand that I improve on my weaknesses while at the same time…coming into a understanding of my strengths.

Day-344-Psalms 4-1

Did you create any specific plans to help you get Project 365 completed?

I set out on this project with three goals: to never miss a day of posting, to shoot outside of my norm and to learn from other photographers. I achieved all three. To help make sure I attained my goals I maintained a consistent schedule, committed to attending several photography workshops, joined a few meetup photography groups and made sure that I allowed my friends to hold me accountable.

Day-343-Bubbles and Flow

What was your most significant learning?

I think, Ken Rockwell said it best “The camera’s only job is to get out of the way of making photographs.” It may seem crazy but I believe my most significant learning was to “…see what I see…” and to “…be comfortable in the uncomfortable..”. it was the discovery of these two parts of myself coupled with understanding light that allowed me to form my first structured set of projects called “My Four Pillars”: The first pillar joins Family and Ancestry, the second pillar entwines Faith and Spirit, the third pillar of my photography embraces Nature and Landscape, the entanglement of People and Community sustains the fourth pillar.

Anything else you’d like to share that might inspire others in their own photographic journey?

This amazing thing, we call photography can only be enhanced by the twist and turns you will discover through experiencing of all aspects of life, so you don’t always have to stop and smell the roses, sometimes, its better to speed past them to the ocean. Lastly, I want to thank you Tasra, because of the 365 project, I was able to have my first solo gallery showing sponsored my Mount Washington Bank, was able to help several charities with the donation of proceeds from my photography and took third place in “Light & Compositions Magazine” international photography competition. None of these would I have dreamed possible before the 365 project.


Thanks to Thaddeus for sharing his inspiring story and huge accomplishment! You can see more of his images at his 365 project site.