Engage Your Creativity for a Better Life

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.
—Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Which life are you living? I know you know. You may only admit it to yourself on quiet nights when you lie awake in bed exhausted from another day of everyday living. But it’s there, the possibility, the imagining, the glimpse of a life unlived.

I saw further evidence of this truth at the latest church service I attended. In a crowd of over a thousand, nearly 100% of the people stood when asked if there was something they needed strength and help with to follow through and act upon. Whether it was a dream deferred, a battle to fight, a vision to bring about, people stood to their feet instantly. It surprised me how many people live with deferred hope for a different life that never seems to show up.

Waiting, deferring, and hoping aren’t going to transform this life
to one of dreams fulfilled and complete.

My strategy for a better life and one lived well, is a life where creativity is fully engaged. Your creative self takes center stage. Whether it’s your creativity in preparing meals, organizing family schedules, scrapbooking priceless memories, or capturing milestone moments. Creativity fully engaged means you show up to any situation with more than just the basics… you bring your full self to bear in any situation that requires your presence.

Take my photographer friend, Katrina Wheeler. She’s studying photography at the Academy of Art, she owns her own photography business, and has two little ones at home. Yet, as you well know, busyness and a full schedule often mean creativity gets put on a back burner. You choose not to act on the simmering ideas, but they don’t usually leave you alone for long. Whether it’s guilt, fear, or excuses, we try to keep the back burner pots from boiling over. But why? Why not let them boil over? Let the creativity spill into your life. It might get a little messy, but oh the joy of feeling alive and engaged.

Last year, Katrina shared some fantastic ideas about engaging her creativity in a way that simultaneously connects her to her children and photography in a profound way. Yet, despite a spark of an idea, it’s gone undeveloped for far too long. A recent conversation finally broke through the resistance and spurred her into action. She’s now launched a new project, taken her first steps toward completion, and I can only imagine, is feeling alive, whole, creative, and engaged. You could be next.

It takes only a moment. What were you born to do? Do it. Now.

Leave a note in the comments about what creative pot you’re going to move to the front burner and let us all enjoy the fruits of your creative mojo coming alive!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/615wed Wendy Leigh Cunningham

    Simply doing something positive and fulfilling! I love creating! It is what drives me! But the need to make a difference is screaming loudly!