Creating a Definitive Guide to Teen and Senior Portrait Photography

A signature feature of our photography at Teen Identity is bringing girls together. Whether they are being photographed as a group or individually, we create a team-like atmosphere.

Yes, it can appear to be madness and mayhem at times. There are so many moving parts that if you’re not organized and efficient it can get out of hand and devolve rapidly.

BUT, if you can stay ahead of your time, manage the moving pieces and surround yourself with a trusted team, the results can be stunning.

This past weekend, we had another team shoot with EIGHT GIRLS ranging from junior high to high school senior. The diversity in every aspect of the girls from size, color, age, and personality is absolutely breathtaking. I say this after every photo shoot, but I believe Teen Identity has the most amazing group of girls anywhere! (I know I’m biased, just go with it.)

Many have asked how we do it all… how I do it all.
You’re about to find out.

So I’ll be posting a series of articles about the steps we took to create this latest photo shoot. From the practical aspects of pre-planning, styling, and makeup to more general philosophy on concept and execution of ideas.

Below is a list of topics I’ll be covering:

  1. Hair & Makeup Tips for Black and White Photography
  2. Adding Your Own Style and Flair to Every Image
  3. No More Awkward Photos: How to Guide for Posing Teen Girls
  4. Capturing Personality in Every Image
  5. Styling and Wardrobe for Teen and Senior Portrait Shoots
  6. Location Scouting for Photo Shoots
  7. Make Everything a Learning Opportunity
  8. Prep, Plan, and Be Prepared
  9. The Power of Creative Constraints
  10. Execute Your Obvious Ideas (Obvious to You, Amazing to Others)
  11. It’s Always Easier to Start Small
  12. Why You Should Treat Your Clients Like Friends
  13. Little BIG Things You Can Do to Make a Difference

So what are YOU most excited about reading and learning?

Let me know in the comments and I may bump up that idea in the schedule! I may also delete or add topics to the list as we progress!

I’m also speaking again about Redefining Teen and Senior Portrait Photography in a Master Class at WPPI. If you’re there, make sure to look me up! I’ll be covering many of these topics and concepts in our class together.

  • Leslie

    SOOOO excited for the whole series, but specifically your location scouting and “obvious” posts. :-)

    • tasra

      Great!! I’ll keep those in mind! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Be sure to share with other photogs who might be interested too! :)

  • Donnaleephotography

    Oh thank you Tara. I love the whole series too but location scouting, esp.

    • tasra

      Interesting! I would never have thought that’d be the most popular. So good to know! Thanks for stopping by and commenting today!

  • Cathleen

    Can’t wait for all of it!

    • tasra

      Me too! It’ll be fun to share!

  • Dianne – Bunny Trails

    Definitely ALL of it. Wish I was going to WPPI. Maybe next year. Can’t wait to see your posts!

    • tasra

      Absolutely! Wish you were going to be there. So much to share… so little time!

  • Paige George

    Sounds like a great series. I’ll be most interested in your posing ideas and how you capture each of the girls unique personalities. Wish I could be at WPPI. Maybe someday…

  • Wendy Leigh Cunningham

    I am excited about the entire series. But definitely the plan and be prepared portion!

  • Tammie E

    I second Leslie in that I look forward to every single one of these subjects but “No More Awkward Photos: How to Guide for Posing Teen Girls” pops out the most for me.