Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Let this be a reminder that 2012 will be a year of taking risks…

making things happen…

being a dreamer… AND a doer.

This is the year of the creative, the artist, the image maker, YOU.


Use the comments to share how you plan to make 2012 INSANELY GREAT!

I’m reinventing the 365 Photography Project … hoping to improve my images 300% (or at least have fun on the way).

First image of the year is TEXTURE. The background on the quote above is a close-up image I shot today of one of my office lights. Texture will also be the first photo series I tackle this year. Here’s to an amazing 365 (or 366) photo project journey!

  • Jill Fleming Photo

    I’m taking a leap of faith and going to Mexico for 8 weeks this winter to mentor with a 20 year veteran commercial photographer!  WAY outside my comfort zone!!  Wish me luck!!

    • tasra

      Wow! I love that! When do you leave? I’d love to hear how it goes!

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  • Pearl

    I just discovered your site today and have been reading many of your older posts, especially the ones about photography and changing your life. Last month (Jan.) was a month of major change in my life. I hit a milestone age and within a week of turning that age, quit my job without another job in mind. It was something I couldn’t not do and can’t wait to see where I’m heading.

    • tasra

      Wow! Sounds exciting, challenging and like you are headed toward the end of your comfort zone! Can’t wait to hear where it all goes!

      Thanks for checking out some of the older articles… happy they’ve inspired you a bit!