Seven Simple Steps to Mastery: December Daily 3

Know someone who went through the LEGO building stage? Fascination with all things LEGO? Pieces strewn all over the floor just waiting to attack bare feet?

Of course you do. It’s an international phenomenon that has been running for generations. With the advent of online sharing, youtube videos for sharing, and for games, commercials, and more, it’s simply growing by leaps and bounds. And of course there is LEGO creator online where actual LEGO master builders walk you through how to make things. Even The Lego Ideas Book, assembled fromt the creations of hundreds of avid fans is now one of the top sellers on Amazon.

It’s a phenom you can’t ignore. Or at least I can’t with a little one who honestly believes he may grow up to become one of the master builders at Every single day he devotes himself to new creations, then we capture them (as often as he’ll let me) before he breaks them to rebuild… always bigger, better, more intricate and complicated than the last.

The way to become a Master Lego Builder is not so different than mastering anything.


  1. Practice every day with the tools you have.
  2. Improvise to make up for any tools or specific pieces you don’t have.
  3. Continue learning daily through videos, tutorials and books.
  4. Draw inspiration from everything in your life: books, movies, trips, anything.
  5. Talk to others about what you create to share your excitement and build community.
  6. Capture your creations in images and video so you can share and learn.
  7. Never give up.
Wouldn’t you say these rules apply to almost anything you want to achieve?