Late Fall “Urban Country Girl” Senior Portait Session: Outside the Photo Studio

Fall and winter are beautiful seasons to photograph senior portraits. The weather reminds me of my days in Seattle with crisp winters and cool breezes. It gets me thinking about being outside and enjoying the beauty that nature holds, and reminds me of the importance of stepping outside the photo studio. Early in my photography career, I spent more time in natural light, but the more popular my studio photography became, the less I ventured outdoors.

When Rachael came to me with her love of cowboy boots and horses, I knew we had to take the photo shoot outside, but with a contemporary flair. She’s a country girl at heart, but has an urban look. So we went with it… big prom dress, gorgeous dangling earrings, sparkly jewelry. The weather cooperated and we got sun flair to die for and warm glowing images that highlight the true beauty of this multi-faceted NGHS senior.

Next time you’re feeling stuck in a rut, consider changing your environment.

Look for contrast between two elements… city and country, contemporary and vintage, dark and light. It’ll add a layer of texture and dimension to your images that might surprise and delight both you and your clients.

Even if you don’t have a client ready to try something new, storyboard and plan your own photo shoot. Personal work has been touted as one of the primary ways to develop your photography skill set, stand out in the crowd and get seen. Plus it’s fun!