Fashion Magazine-Style Teen Fantasy Photo Shoot: Plan. Prepare. Photograph.

10 models posing, 9 props awaiting, 7 locations preparing, 4 hair dressers styling, 3 stylists dressing, 2 makeup artists working, 2 video guys preparing, 1 photographer shooting …

If you want, you could sing that list to the Christmas song… “and a partridge in a pear tree.” While you’re singing, scroll down and see the new images!

It was a couple months ago when we released the first set of images from our fashion magazine-style photo shoot in Atlanta at Lullwater Park. The truth is that anyone can plan a styled shoot like this. In fact, celebrity and humanitarian photography Jeremy Cowart believes that everyone should. And so do I!

Not only will creating a styled fashion photoshoot inspire and challenge you, it will stretch your creative muscles, give voice to your unique style and vision, and invigorate your creativity. You don’t have to have a big budget, all the latest equipment, professional models, or perfect props. The stretching of your creative muscles can come from putting something together with what you have and can procure with your imagination and resourcefulness.


  • location secured
  • styling and outfits procured
  • ideas cultivated
  • inspiration binder created
  • storyboard drafted
  • music selected


  • two bridges
  • the woods
  • fallen trees
  • a babbling brook
  • open field
  • rippling lake
  • worn and weathered castle-like fortress

As you look at these images, remember that these are junior high and high school girls… regular girls who spent a Saturday experiencing something that most girls dream their whole lives of experiencing. They are amazing and we are so proud of who they are and the confidence they exude from their very core!

Are they “real” models? Of course! They model for us and have been featured in magazines, national presentations, films and videos. Their images have been seen across the world and have been selected for gallery showings.

Are they “professional” models? No! They’re regular teen girls getting up early to go to school, braving the world of drama, bullying, technology and life as a teen girl in 2011. That’s what makes them so amazing! If you haven’t seen their new short film, you gotta jump over and see that!