Planning Creative Organization and Inspiration: December Daily 1

The first title of this article replaced “Planning” with “Forced.” So it read, “Forced Creative Organization and Inspiration.” The funny thing is that it rings more true, but doesn’t sound very pleasant. And I really want this December Daily challenge to be pleasant… at the very least. In fact, I want it to be creative and inspiring and full of life’s joyful moments.

I stumbled across the idea via twitter when quite a few of my scrappy friends were talking about getting prepared. Being late to the game I had to get a move on to figure out what I wanted to do. For the record, there are many ways to look at December Daily… not unlike a photography project 365.

For me, it’ll be about capturing the daily gifts that come with the life I’ve been given and this beautiful wintry season of wonder. I also just finished reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (and absolutely recommend it!). So this will be the beginning of writing down and celebrating one thousand gifts in my life. That’s pretty par for the course in my life… find ways to efficiently combine or work two or more tasks into one to save time, energy and resources.

So here’s today’s December Daily gift… my daughter’s shoes. You would think that after 17 years of seeing her shoes… from the adorable pink newborn slippers to the bright toddler tennies… that I’d have enough, but apparently not. I walked in her room tonight and saw her shoe organizer. Is she like me or what? Organized. Efficient. Everything all lined up.

Here’s what I noticed. Um, she likes Converse. She likes to be comfortable. She likes color. She is an All Star.

This is a moment and memory I want to remember forever. She won’t always be living in my home (gasp, heart in throat as I write that), but the simple things, like well-worn shoes will always live in my heart. Well, not literally you know, as I don’t really have a thing for dirt. But symbolically.

What’s on your heart this month? Up for a December Daily challenge? I’d love to have you join me!

Learn more about December Daily from Ali Edwards… one of my favorite creatives!

  • Katrina

    Love it :)

    • Tasra Dawson

      Thanks Katrina! You could play along with your kids viewpoint. Thought of you when I was capturing lego images tonight. :)

  • Donna Maria Coles Johnson

    That is just so sweet! The same thing happened to me this morning when I went into the bathroom. I saw my daughter’s pink toiletries all lined up and neatly organized on the shower shelf. Bar soap, nail brush, liquid soap and other very pink things. As I brushed my teeth, I had the same feeling you did. That I would cherish that snippet of her personality in my heart forever, and that one day, I would not be able to see it anymore daily. That made me appreciate it even more. Thanks sharing this. I’m going to tell my daughter about that moment. Did you tell yours?

    • tasra

      I love that. Did you snap a picture to remember? And yes, I told mine when she saw her shoes on my computer screen. She loved it!