5 Little Known Facts About Sitting That Could Kill You

I’m a writer, photographer, designer. I spend most of my day in front of the computer. In fact, I get so lost in my work at times that I can be designing or editing, look up at the clock and 3 hours will have gone by without me noticing. Ever happen to you?

Well, it’s killing us. Literally.

You may have seen the Sitting is Killing You infograph on multiple blogs, maybe even scanned the fascinating information, then promised yourself to make a change. Did you change?

Probably not. I didn’t.

I saw this infograph, downloaded it and saved it in Evernote on July 24th. It’s now December and I admit that while I remembered the infograph and how bad sitting was for me, I haven’t changed anything.

So here are 5 little known facts you may not have read. Tomorrow I’ll share some simple steps you can take to prevent these issues from killing you!

Sitting is Killing You

!!! Sitting 6+ hours per day increases risk of death up to 40% (even if you exercise)

!!! Your body goes into meltdown the moment you sit down.

!!! Enzymes that help break down fat drop 90% when you are sitting.

!!! 30 minutes of activity a day is NOT ENOUGH.

!!! Calorie burning drops to 1 per minute (the same as when you’re sleeping).

Aargh! What do we do? Feels like a no-win situation. We have to sit for our jobs… or do we?

Tomorrow we’ll cover some tips for how you can reverse or prevent sitting from killing you. Until then, take a look at this infograph… really read every section. It’ll inspire and prepare you for change!


  • http://imahni.com Imahni

    Very interesting!

  • http://www.garyschapman.com Gary S. Chapman

    Fortunately I was standing when I read this post! A few months back I put my monitors and Wacom tablet on plastic milk crates and have been standing ever since. Not a pretty site, but it was better than waiting and waiting and waiting to buy the proper desk.

    • http://tasramar.com tasra

      Plastic milk crates. That’s brilliant. Is it stable? Would love to see what it looks like. :)

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