Vintage-Inspired Photo Booth Images & Video

The vintage inspired photo booth I shared with you earlier was a huge success. At my daughter’s birthday party, she and her friends spent much of their time in front of the camera on the set we created. Dress up clothes added that extra flair to the images that you can only find in the freedom of a photo booth.

There is something about putting on a costume that changes the way we see ourselves and what we’re willing to do. I believe Shakespeare even had a thing or two to say about the effect of the costume on man, but we’ll leave that discussion for a later time.

For now, I’d love to share the images and video with you from the photo booth we created. These are some of the kindest and sweetest teen girls I’ve had the joy to be around. I honestly couldn’t believe how amazing my daughter’s friends were during the entire celebration… kind to one another, encouraging, and definitely full of fun and laughter. What an absolute joy as a mom to be able to see your daughter surrounded by girls who are just as amazing as she is… well almost at least.

  • Rebecca

    Great pictures!