Harness the Power of Action to Change Your World

Much has been written and talked about in reference to taking action, including productivity and making ideas happen. For those in the creative professions or aspiring creative professionals, how can we harness this power of action to move our businesses forward… or at the very least move one step closer to the fulfillment of bring the vision in our minds to reality?

A couple weeks ago, we took action on an idea that had been brewing for a while. We wanted to do a fantasy shoot with our Media and Model Team of teen girls from Teen Identity. They are a group of girls we meet with at least twice a month. Once a month we have a photo shoot or video shoot, but October 22nd we decided to combine the two to create something different, something that none of the girls would have ever experienced before.

Location secured, styling and outfits procured, ideas cultivated, inspiration binder created, storyboard drafted, and music selected. The title and voiceover would come later, but we knew the direction we were going.

Was it a lot of work? Yes, without a doubt. Was it worth it? Yes, without a doubt.

Sometimes I have to admit that I question why we do what we do. I know that’s normal, but it’s never fun to question all the work you invest into a project, group or even person. It’s hard to feel that maybe you care too much or that the outcomes of any particular project, shoot or business mean more than they should. But that is the case with the creative heart and soul. As much as I’ve tried to stay distanced or create a work boundary, I never succeed since I do really care so much about each and every one of the teen girls on our team.

But when I sit back and look at what we create practically and the experience we offer, I know that it matters, the work matters, and the experience changes lives, futures, and therefore, the world. Doubt that?

Think about this.

When you were a teenager…

  • Did you struggle with wondering if you were valuable?
  • Did you wonder if you were pretty enough?
  • Did you question whether people really liked you?
  • Did you wish someone would “see” you… really see the core of you and accept it?
  • Did you ever secretly hope someone would “discover” you and that your life would be forever changed?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions… or maybe all, WHAT IF… that had all happened for you… at 12, 13, 15 or even 18? What difference would it have made on your choices for school, friends, relationships, career, life?

Really think about it. That’s what keeps me going. I KNOW if these questions had been addressed in the affirmative for me with caring friends and adults, a close team of girls and visual evidence with photos and videos, my ENTIRE IDENTITY could have been affected.

So that’s why we took action to change the world with our photo shoot… Tribe Quest. Watch the trailer now. See more images. Film coming soon!