Being a Dancer & Photographing Dancers

Twenty years ago, I was a dancer. If you’d asked me, I would’ve told you my two dreams were to be dancer and a writer. At that time, dancing was first before everything… everything.

Today I look back at that time and see such innocent youthful hope and fear. I wanted so much for my dreams of dancing to come true, but was just as fearful that they would and wouldn’t. It was an odd dichotomy that didn’t end well.

Fast forward to today… when I get to photograph a dancer and see the familiar joy and freedom on her face as she strikes a pose, I feel that I get to experience a bit of what it used to feel like to call myself a dancer.

One of Teen Identity team members is a dancer… I see myself in her at times. I love to photograph her dancing. I dream of photographing a sea of dancers some day… that would be amazing.