Teen & Senior Portrait Photography Season Rushes In

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but we went from a hot summer without too busy of a shooting schedule, to an immediate rush in the last four weeks of photo shoot after photo shoot. It’s been astonishing just how busy we’ve really been. I dare say the busiest season we’ve seen so far… and that’s a mighty good thing. A blessing for sure.

Not only is it exciting to see so many teens and seniors have a chance to strut their stuff in studio or on location, but it’s such an honor to be able to capture who these beautiful young woman are at this special time in their lives. These are moments to treasure forever. I’m so thrilled parents aren’t just waiting until senior year of high school to have professional portraits done. There are so many changes every single year, especially once they hit those junior high years. It’ll be a treasure when their kids have graduated and are jet-setting across the world to look back and see those images that bring back such sweet memories.

One thing that is fantastic about such a packed schedule is that I am always ready to shoot… no chance for skills to get rusty or feel like I need to get back in the swing of things… if the clients keep coming, then my skills just keep getting better (if I do say so myself.)

Thought it’d be fun to post a few images that we’ve captured of teen and senior portraits to show a slice of what we’ve been up to at the studio lately! How has the season been shaping up for you lately?