New Video Release: “Who Is Tasra?”

It might seem self-serving, but that’s what a blog is right? Or at least that’s what Julie from “Julie & Julia” fame said… it’s a whole of me, me, me and what you call meltdowns. Okay, so maybe my blog is a little less me and fewer meltdowns, but that’s another point entirely.

What I’m trying to say is that for some reason, I have been given the most amazing and creative family a woman could possibly dream to have. My daughter wrote and sang me a song for my birthday, my son dressed as a superhero to save the day, and my husband… well, he created an entire film for me and about me.

The title… Who is Tasra?

It starts out with me and the intro we created about my vision for Teen Identity, then he unearthed some hidden footage from a previous shoot when I was talking about how passionate I am for helping teen girls find their voice and unleash their true beauty… then it gets amazingly heartfelt and brings me to tears to hear from girls I’ve worked with over the years and the impact we’ve had on their lives and confidence.

Wanna know the answer from the perspective of those who have been part of my life? Just watch this….