The Patterns You See (D364)

There are patterns we see and ones we miss. Which are more important?

I’ve noticed patterns in the reasons people start a 365 and patterns in the reasons they quit. I’ve noticed patterns in the images I take and the way I read my camera manual. Particularly in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed patterns in the images and events I shoot and the way I process and post them.

But I can guarantee you that there are patterns I don’t see… patterns in the number and style of images, patterns in the way I write and communicate, even patterns in the way I share images.

With only two days left in this 365 challenge, I’m anxious to hear what patterns you noticed throughout the year or even in the last month… what patterns of style and theme… communication and sharing… or anything else you picked up on. Help me see what I may have missed so we can all learn!

One definite pattern I know I’ve seen is the increase in images related to Teen Identity. That’s definitely a function of the business growing and expanding, which I believe is in direct correlation to my commitment to improve my craft. In keeping with that… here’s an image of the latest set of rep cards we created for our teen models.

  • Klaus

    you are almost there! congrats!