Skipping School: Skip’s Summer School (D341)

It’s true. I’m skipping school this year. Skip’s Summer School starts tomorrow with an all-star lineup of speakers, but sad to say my hubby and I won’t be there. It’s not for want, but for priorities. With two kids walking through major milestones on Monday into their first years in public elementary and high school, we need to be home.

So I’m cheering the photographers on from afar and reading over my notes from last year’s event. Ron and I were honored to be presenters and spend the week with some amazing photographers. Skip’s Summer School was also the genesis of tasra365 at dinner with Scott Bourne.

I thought I’d share a few other highlights from the presenters last year… notes recorded in my trusty moleskin….

Scott Bourne on social media:

  • Set clear goals for what you want to do with social media, i.e. Twitter
  • Identity an audience and tweet/talk to that audience
  • Twitter rewards the person who is generous, i.e. time, resources, products, information

Bambi Cantrell on saying no to clients and “perfect” images:

  • Shake your head and say “I wish I could.” It’s a soft way to say no.
  • Focus on expression over perfection

Kevin Kubota on finding flow and Lightroom:

  • Strive to fill 60-70% of your conscious time with FLOW activities.
  • Delegate office processes and use computer shortcuts

Dane Sanders on who you are as a photographer:

  • Capture moments that are time sensitive and fleeting.
  • You are not what you do, what you have or what people say about you. You just are. You have a value and essence beyond your understanding.
  • The potential to change the world is in you but you don’t believe it.
  • You will not thrive in the photography business if you make your business about the photography.