Barnes & Noble Was Taken Over Today – By Girls (D349)

You may have heard the news and speculation that Barnes & Noble will be taken over. Its stock soared last week over the news. Well, today it actually happened. But not in the way you might think. The B&N cafe at the Mall of GA was taken over by girls, Teen Identity girls.

Today I met with the Teen Identity team of girls. I think they were a little giddy from finishing their first full week back in school. We took over 4 tables and thirteen chairs as the 11 girls, me, and my ever patient hubby met for about two hours to plan out the semester’s activities. As you can see, they had a blast. And so did I. (I even think Ron had a lot of fun, although he may never admit it.)

We talked about and scheduled their summer and fall themed senior portraits, creating fun YouTube videos, Senior Portrait Artists Model fashion shoots, and more. As we roll out the Teen Identity Photographers Network next month (read about it here), I’m looking forward to helping other photographers across the nation start their own Teen Identity teams to do amazing projects in their community like the ones we’ve been able to do with our girls.

Cheesin’ for the camera. Can you tell who’s giving me their fake smile?

Get a group of teen girls together and you never know what to expect, especially when Taylor’s in the house.

Budding photographer Sarah brought her film camera for photography class. I may need to recruit her!

Gotta love Niki cheesin’ in the background compared to Sarah looking confused in the foreground. Classic.