Timeless Activities: Building an Indoor Fort (D308)

Growing up I remember building indoor forts with every available sheet, blanket, pillowcase, and chair. We would cover the entire living room with randomly colored towers to hide beneath. They quickly fell apart if anyone moved too quickly, but while they lasted, they were more fun than almost any other activity. Building card castles came in a close second, but required much more patience and care.

Today my kids created a fort in our living room and I knew I had to capture the fun with my daily image.

Unfortunately, my son was not in a picture taking mood. Now, normally he is all for it and will pose freely in front of the camera.

Today was not one of those days… since he wanted another bowl of cereal (he already had two earlier in the day), I decided to give in and let him have one if he would pose for me “just a minute.”

Apparently, my minute lasted too long because he went from being pretty agreeable to looking at me as if he couldn’t believe I was taking so long.

Either way, I captured the moment and that’s what we’ll remember.

Technical knowledge: Will be reading up on the Canon 5D manual tonight in prep for a family shoot tomorrow. I like to reset the camera, make sure everything is ready and raring to go. Looked at images by Annie Liebovitz and Zack Arias today.