Nothing Beats an Afternoon Nap (D310)

The heat wave is hitting Atlanta again. As temperatures soar outside it seriously limits our options for outside activities… no long walks or picnics in the park. My ever-innovative son decided to make the best of the situation and create his own picnic in the living room… just a blanket, lunchbox and his trusty basketball and he was set.

Of course, nothing beats an afternoon nap for completing the picnic experience. While he was playing quietly and pretending to be on a picnic, I left to get some work done. About 15 minutes later, I went back to check on him and this is what I found…

It’s 55 days now. Where is the time going? I’ve been focusing on my health and weight. Here’s what happened so far…

  1. Consistent on my diet plan with approx. 1200 cal/day
  2. Consistent on my exercise with burning 500 – 750 cal/day at least 5 days/week
  3. Weight loss so far = 6.5 pounds
  4. Going to bed much earlier (not always falling asleep early though)

I’m very pleased with the first two. I’m a little frustrated with the actual numbers on the scale seeming to be stuck. Not sure how they can get stuck when I’m not cheating on the diet and working out so much. Holding out hope that the scale will soon budge and show a big leap downward. The fourth is probably the most frustrating… even when I go to bed by 11 pm which is a huge improvement over 2 am, I sometimes take 3 hours to fall asleep.

I think it’s all about retraining my body and mind to this new routine so I’m going to stick in there and keep it up with hopes that my body will reward me with results I really want to see.

If you took the challenge, how are you doing?!?