CreativeLIVE Photo Shoot Day 3 – On the Water at Lake Union (D328)

There’s nothing like a sunrise photo shoot on the beautiful blue lake waters of Seattle. That’s what we experienced for our third photo shoot at the David duChemin Vision Driven Photography workshop.

My focus was the water, reflections, and the beautiful blue of the water and sky, enhanced by the gold hue of the rising sun.

Almost caught up on my daily blog posts. Even though I shot pictures every day, I haven’t been able to post because of the weekend workshop. I’ve got another scenic batch of images from my walk around Greenlake today. Can’t wait to get all caught up!

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  • Elli Scrivner

    Awesome details! I especially like the full reflection that looks like a clock tower (?) – it looks Impressionist and fluid.

    • tasra

      Thanks Elli! It is a clock tower and I loved how time looked fluid in the
      reflection. It's my reminder that we shouldn't live so focused on time and
      the clock.

  • Judy

    Another great set. Reminds me that I need to open up my creativity.

    • tasra

      The photo workshop with David duChemin really gave me some ideas for
      creative exercises I can use to challenge myself in the last few weeks of
      the 365 challenge.

  • dijea

    Beautiful, Beautiful shots. The 2nd one & the last one are fantastic.

    • tasra

      Thanks Dijea! I had a hard time choosing just a few out of hundreds.